Most beautiful and Hottest News Anchors in India

Just like the stunning Fox News anchors, Indian news TV channels are also peppered with strikingly beautiful and glamorous looking news anchors. Call it an impressive combination of beauty and brains, these talented news presenters are supremely adept at their jobs. Here are some of the most gorgeous and hottest looking news anchors in India –

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Harishree Mehta

Harishree Mehta

One of the common faces and the star anchors of Times Now Channel, Harishree Mehta is a good looking female journalist. She is also a qualified chartered accountant. Perhaps this helps her to anchor some of the top business shows of the channels so precisely and seamlessly. Apart from being the star new presenter, she is a dancer, fitness enthusiast, dancer, movie buff and a dreamer. She is best known for her deep knowledge and understanding of the stock markets and is currently employed as the Stock Editor of the channel.

Mini Menon

mini menon

A female journalist, she has been consistenly covering political and business news for the last 16 years, a truly commendable feat!. Mini Menon is one of the top 10 influential women in the field of journalism. Currently she is the Executive Editor of Bloomberg TV India and is in charge of the news and features shows. She is pretty and why not! After all, she has won the Femina Miss India Pacific title in the year 1996. Even in her field of journalism, she has been feliciated with the Rajiv Gandhi award for Excellence,

Naghma Sahar

naghma sahar

Do you know Naghma Sahar is a master degree holder in Geography from Delhi School of Economics? She is even a Phd Holder in the subject and was awarded the Junior Fellowship Researcher in Rural Development. The lady known for her striking eyes, worked with Aaj Tak as a researcher and joined the group as the news presenter in 1999 but later on she joined NDTV. You must have viewed her popular show “Salam Zindagi” where she dealt with sensitive issues. It turned out to be quite a hit show and the credit went to this star news presenter. She anchors prime time news on the channel and currently her show “International Agenda” is also quite popular.

Nida Khan

nida khan headlines today

Nida Khan is considered as one of the most beautiful news anchors in the Indian television industry today. She is young, vibrant and has a vivacious persona; her presentation style is infectious. She is currently employed with Headlines Today and anchors the prime time political news with sheer confidence and precision. She is a common face of the channel and there is no doubting the fact that within a very short span of time, she has been successful in in making an indelible mark as a prolific news anchor.

Nidhi Razdan

nidhi razdan

Nidhi Razdan is synonymous with the popular NDTV 24*7 show, Left, Right & Centre, right? She is a well known figure in the Indian television industry and has made quite a mark in the field of journalism. Born in 1978, she has a post-graduate diploma in Radio and TV journalism. Since the time she started her career way back in 1999, she has hosted several shows on the channel and has also reported a wide range of political, economic and social stories and issues from all across the nation. She has been honored with the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism for no-holds barred reporting from Jammu & Kashmir and North East India.

Prachi Bhuchar

Prachi Bhuchar hot

Prachi Bhuchar is one of the most glamorous looking news anchors on NDTV 24*7 She is a senior news anchor and correspondent of the channel and a very familiar face and a well known household name. Prachi Bhuchar is known to be an avid writer, a traveler and sushi junkie. The popularity of the news channel definitely relies on such beautiful and hot TV news readers and journalists who clearly exhibit that beauty comes with brain. Her experience in the field, dedication and passion for journalism has taken her to new heights of success.

Radhika Chaturvedi

radhika chaturvedi abp news

The strikingly beautiful Radhika Chaturvedi is one of the glamorous faces on ABP News. She is known to have a clear-cut views and ability to air her thoughts in a simplistic manner. Do you know before joining Star News and becoming a popular face, she started her career as a reporter in Zee News Group? Star Savera and City 60 are the two shows that gave her recognition and fame in the professional field. She is a household name and her potential gets reflected from her challenging assignments of General Elections, Maharashtra Assembly Elections and the 2004-2005 Union Budget. She is fond of country music, travels a lot and loves reading as well.

Shereen Bhan

shereen bhan cncb

The swelte and sweet talking Shereen Bhan is quite a remarkable news anchor who is distinguished for her affable nature and her beauty. She is the Managing Editor of CNBC-TV 18. She is in the industry for 15 years and has been honored with awards like Best Anchor, FICCI Woman of the year Award and so on. Do you know she even featured in the Vogue magazine in the list of 50 most beautiful women? Born in 1976, the woman clearly defies her age and looks younger with each passing year. She has more than 15 years of expereince in covering news and business in India. She worked on SabTV before joining CNBC. Bhan has also hosted several sucessful shows for CNBC like Young Turks, Power Turks and India Business Hour.

Sweta Singh

sweta singh aaj tak

Aaj Tak is one of the most popular Hindi news channels in India. Ask any AT loyalist and he will say that Shweta Singh is the face of the channel, as far as glamor is concerned. She is the news anchor and Editor of Aaj Tak (Special Programming). Born on August 21, 1977, she went on study mass communication in Patna University.

She wrote several articles for Times of India, Hindustan Times before moving on to electronic media in 1998. In 2002, she joined Aaj Tak and began covering sports news. Her popular show “Sourav ka sixer” won the award for the best sports show by the Sports Journalism Federation of India in 2005. She was also honored in 2013 for being the best news producer for the show “Vandemataram”.

Sonia Shenoy

sonia shenoy

The spunky and ravishing Sonia Shenoy of CNBC-TV-18 is a sight for sore eyes. Born in 1987, she is known for her forthright views and analytical take on business. She discusses about stock exchange market during the mid market and post market hours and appears at 11am and 4 pm respectively Her sleeveless blouse and designer saree replete with her smiling demeanour makes for a captivating package..

Mayanti Langer

mayanti langer hot pictures

One of the unsaid reasons as to why sports lovers would extend watching matches even after the game is over is Mayanti Langer. The traffic stopping beauty brings oomph in the world of sports. And she is not just beauty, she is extremely professional and takes her work seriously; something that adds to her personality. Born in 1985, it is tough to believe that she is a footballer at heart, having played the game right through her teens. The glamorous Langer who is married to cricketer Stuart Binny, has hosted sports shows like “Football Café”, “2010 FIFA World Cup”, “2010 Common Wealth Games”, “2011 Cricket World Cup”, “Indian Super League”, “2015 ICC Cricket World Cup” and the so on. Her confidence is her second best quaity; the first one is everyone’s guess.

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