Know the Sansani Anchor, Shrivardhan Trivedi, Better!

Shrivardhan Trivedi is the popular anchor of the crime investigative show ‘Sansani’ on ABP News. He is distinguished by his quirky style of hosting, inimitable style of dressing and dialogue delivery and of course, his trademark beard and long hairstyle.

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Shrivardhan Trivedi – Record for Anchoring Sansani

The India Book of Records felicitated Shrivardhan Trivedi for being the most successful single anchor of the longest running crime TV show.   When he received the award in 2013, ‘Sansani’ had completed 2700 episodes. The cult crime show still enjoys a strong run as it airs on ABP News, every night at 11 PM. When Sansani started on November 22, 2004 on Star News, it was aired five days a week, Monday through Friday. From 2005, it was aired on weekends too.

Sansani , the crime show which sought to alert the common person, spawned the growth of other successful shows on similar lines like Crime Patrol on Sony and Savdhaan Indian on And TV.

Shrivardhan Trivedi – Rise to Fame

The media-shy, unassuming anchor was born in a non-descript town of Dindori, in Madhya Pradesh. He was born in a lower middle class family, where he studied till 5th standard in a school, which did not even have a proper building. He studied in Hindi till primary but always harbored the love for learning in English. He says that apart from knowing a few common words in English, he had no idea of the language. Shrivardhan reflects on how he wrote a letter to his father in grammatically incorrect English, who despite drawing ‘red circles’ on his letter, appreciated the fact that his son displayed remarkable attitude to learning. Trivedi, after completing his education, enrolled into National School of Drama, after which he got a chance to anchor Sansani.

Srivardhan trivedi sansani photo

Srivardhan trivedi sansani anchor photo

Shrivardhan Triviedi’s formula for sucesss

The 42 year old anchor loves reading self-help books and believes in self analysis at every step, for improvement. He is not a believer in destiny but believes that good luck happens when opportunity meets preparation. Shrivardhan Trivedi says bad luck happens when the right opportunity comes along and you find yourself not prepared; or vice-versa. He says that correct though is necessary for ‘preparation’.

Shrivardhan Tripathi says that a focused thought translates into the right attitude, which eventually shapes your behavior. The right behavior translates into action and the right action shapes your personality, which in turn underlines your destiny.

Srivardhan trivedi photo

Shrivardhan Trivedi – Dialogues and Parody

Srivardhan trivedi sansani anchor

The 6 feet tall anchor’ style and dialogue delivery has been parodied many times by stand-up comedians and in movies

Here are some of his popular dialogues

1 . Dhyan se dekhiyee is masum chehre ke peeche chhupe ek vaishi darinde ko . (Watch carefully , this innocent face belies a devil hidden deep inside)

  1. Chain se Sona Hai toh Jaag Jao (If you want to sleep in peace, you better wake up)
  2. Sannatey ko Cheerti hui Sansani Kal Phir Degi Dastak (The sensation which penetrates into the darkness will knock at your door, tomorrow)
  3. Gaur Se Dekhiye is Insaan Ko (Observe this person.)
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