Haseena Parkar – The One who inspired the Movie ‘Haseena’

Haseena Parkar was a gangster and sister of underworld criminal don Dawood Ibrahim. She entered the world of crime after her husband was murdered in 1991 by Arun Gawli and his gang. She was regarded as the right hand person of Dawood. Parkar offered advice to Ibrahim about different decisions that needed to be taken with regards to his crime and other businesses in Mumbai.

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The modus operandi of Haseena consisted of vacating of different residential areas, land grabbing, and getting commissions from developers and builders. Her vast business empire was spread across Mumbai, from Nagpada to Mira Road. It has been reported that the total value of the undeclared assets owned by Parkar was estimated to be around INR 5000 crores.

Family Life

Haseena Parkar was born in Mumbai to Amina Bi and Mohammed Ibrahim Kaskar who was a police head constable in the crime branch of Mumbai police force. She was the seventh child of family with 12 children. After the death of the elder two children, Dawood Ibrahim became the oldest child in the family.

During her tenure as the head of Mumbai operations of Dawood gang, Haseena lived at Nagpada’s Gorden Hall building in a lavish first floor apartment. Her home was well guarded by a double door and some of her henchmen.

Haseena had three children Danish, Qudsiya, and Alisha Parkar. She was fondly called ‘aapa’ (elder sister) by the members of her family and others.


Haseena’s influence ranged from movies to extortion to hawala, etc. A few are mentioned below:

  • Films: Parkar was responsible for negotiation of overseas rights of movies made in Bollywood, particularly of those movies which were to be released in the Gulf and Central Russia.
  • Slum Redevelopment Authority: Many builders and developers called upon Parker for assistance on getting permission/authority from slum dwellers for redevelopment of the plot they lived in.
  • Cable: Cable operators in Mumbai took the assistance of aapa for demarcation of regions of cable operations.
  • Hawala: It has been reported that Parkar was a part of Hawala scams that involved to and fro movement of money between India and the Middle East.
  • Extortion: A large chunk of Parkar’s wealth was accumulated via her involvement in settlement of property, land, and construction disputes.

Death of Haseena Parkar

Haseena Parkar died of a cardiac arrest on July 6 2014 in Mumbai’s Dongri area. She was fasting for the holy month of Ramadan and was suffering from cold over the past few days. As per relatives, she began vomiting on the afternoon of Sunday and experienced a heart attack at around 2.45. She was immediately taken to the Habib hospital in Byculla but passed away within 30 minutes.

Movie about Haseena Parkar

The film ‘Haseena: The Queen of Mumbai’ is an upcoming movie based on the life and times of Haseena Parker. It is produced by Nahid Khan and directed by Apoorva Lakhia.

The film stars Shraddha Kapoor in the role of Parkar and her real brother Siddhanth Kapoor is playing the role of Dawood Ibrahim. The role of Parkar’s husband is being portrayed by Ankur Bhatia.

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  1. The movie is well directed. The court scene was excellent. Shradha Kapoor’s performance
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