Will Game of Thrones come on Netflix?

Game of Thrones is the ultimate in TV entertainment, and it is the crowning glory of  HBO.  Netflix is an HBO rival, so there is no way that you can watch GOT on Netflix.

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I was reading the Fast Company report on how Bernadette Aulestia’, the executive vice-president Global Distribution, HBO made a deal to sell HBO directly to Amazon Prime members, in December 2016.

The partnership helps HBO reach customers who want the ease of watching Game of Thrones via Amazon Video without having to manage another account, app, or bill. In return, Amazon receives an added incentive to sell Prime—which can upset Netflix.

Any HBO shows that Prime members watch can strengthen Amazon Prime Video’s position and cumulative streaming reach, an important metric used to measure vitality . Aulestia’s efforts also lead HBO to tie up with Microsoft’s Xbox, Sling TV and Sony’s PlayStation Vue, as well as getting tons of subscribers signing up with HBO Now.

HBO Now comes with a $15 per month subscription. So, if you have Amazon Prime Video, you can simply activate the HBO Now app and watch Game of Thrones

Like Amazon Prime, Hulu also has a tie-up with HBO; so subscribers can simply add the HBO package and start watching. What’s more, Hulu offers HBO for free, for the first month.

If you are in India, you can watch Game of Thrones through the Hot Star app. Hot Star is the official streaming partner of HBO for streaming GOT in India. Of course, you need to be a  premium subscriber of Hot Star. The good news is that Hot Star is one of the many apps offered in the Amazon Fire TV Stick. So, you can simply activate Hot Star and get going.

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