Why did Jiah Khan commit suicide – Reason of Death

The real cause of Jiah Khan’s death finds its seeds in the fiercely competitive life in the movie industry. Jiah Khan’s suicide on June 3,2013 has shocked Bollywood. The police ruled out the case of foul play and said the death was due to asphyxiation; as she had hung herself from the ceiling fan in her home.  Here are the causes that led to Jiah Khan to commit suicide –

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1.  Her mother stated that  Jiah had gone for an audition to Hyderabad for a film a day before, on June 2. Unfortunately, she was not selected and that made her feel sad. She had even told her mother that she would leave films and choose an alternate career in interior designing.

2. Director Ram Gopal Varma expressed his shock and said that Jiah Khan was out of work which made her depressed. The last time I met her jiah told me that everyone around her makes her feel like a failure. Inspite of being highly appreciated in Nishabd and being a part of hugely successful Ghazni and Houseful she had no work for the last 3 years,’ he tweeted.

‘I dont know the reason what led to this but jiah was very depressed about her career and scared for her future,’ he added

3.  A gym friend of Jiah Khan said that she had stopped coming to the gym since the past week. Though the actress did have a reserved nature, she had become withdrawn of late; she said

4. Jiah Khan’s personal life was in doldrums. She was dating Suraj Pancholi, Aditya Pancholi’s son. On the fateful night of June 3, she had thrown a bouquet that was delivered to her, out of her home (Sagar Sangeet). She was shown active on Whatsapp till 9:30 PM. Then she was on the phone call from 10:30 PM to 10:45 PM with Suraj, after which she committed suicide. Her mother Rabbiya Khan found her daughter hanging from the ceiling.

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