What makes Sushma Swaraj, the most loved political leader!

Sushma Swaraj is a famous Indian politician and a former Supreme Court judge. Currently, she is the Minister of External Affairs of India, who has been in the office since 26 May, 2014. She is the second woman in the Indian history after Indira Gandhi to be the Minister of External Affairs.

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Swaraj has been an elected member for the Member of Parliament seven times and three times as the member of the Legislative Assembly. Apart from being titled as the youngest cabinet minister at the mere age of 25, she has also served as the Chief Minister of Delhi after she was elected in 1998.

In the 2014 Indian Elections, Swaraj ran for the constituency from Madhya Pradesh and won it with a margin of more than 400,000 votes from her opponent. She was later elected as the Minister of External Affairs by the elected Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.


Early Life and Education

Sushma Swaraj was born on February 14, 1952 in Ambala Cantt, Haryana to Hardev Sharma and Shrimati Laxmi Devi. Her father was a member of the Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh. So it is likely to say that the politics runs in her blood.

After completing her schooling, Swaraj enrolled herself in the Sanatan Dharma College which is in Ambala Cantonment and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit and Political Science. She pursued and earned her law degree from Punjab University in Chandigarh.



Sushma Swaraj – Husband and Children

  • Sushma Swaraj married her colleague from the Supreme Court of India, Swaraj Kaushal on July 13, 1973. The couple got married during the Emergency movement and came together to act for the defense of the leader, George Fernandez.
  • The couple have a daughter together, Bansuri Kaushal who is a graduate from the Oxford University and is presently a Barrister at Law from Inner Temple.

with husband Swaraj Kausal



with daughter Bansuri


Swaraj started her career with practicing as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of India in the year 1973. She started her political career with her close association with the Akhil Bharathi Vidyarthi Parishad during the late 1970s. She later joined the Bharatiya Janata Party after the emergency movement and later became a national leader of the party.

During the years between 1977 and 1982, Swaraj was part of the Haryana Legislative Assembly after she won the seat of the Ambala Cantonment. She was just 25 years of age back then. She worked her way through the years and was part of several political positions. She was even appointed as the Education Minister of Haryana during the years 1987-1990.

Swaraj was elected by the South Delhi constituency for the 11th Lok Sabha during the 1996 Elections held in India. She was even appointed as the Cabinet Minister for Information and Broadcasting in the year 1996.

She was elected as the Health Minister from January 2004 till May 2004. During her tenure, she built and legalised six AIIMS throughout India. Currently, she is serving as the External Affairs Minister under Narendra Modi since 2014.


What makes Sushma Swaraj the most loved politician in India

Among all political leaders, she has been the most accessible leader, particularly through Twitter.  She has helped many people through her position as an external affairs minister, like rescuing and evacuating a woman held in South Africa,  helping out a woman who lost her passport and money in Germany and helping 168 Indians held as hostage in Iraq. Her ministry helped rescue many people caught in the Yemen crisis, offered help to a man to recover his passport and advance money, offered swift response team support during the Nepal Earthquake, and helped a bride with a duplicate passport when she had lost her original one, so that she could fly overseas with her husband for their honeymoon.

Sushma Swaraj – Young Photos




Health Update

Sushma Swaraj announced on November 16, 2016 that she was in the hospital for kidney failure and going through test for a transplant. She received support from scores of people offer their kidneys for transplant.  She is one political leader who enjoys tremendous love and support across parties.


Sushma Swaraj – Net Worth

Sushma Swaraj has an estimated net worth of Rs. 3 crore


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