VJ Bani – Of Tattoos and Steely Resolve

VJ Bani (or Gurbani Judge) is an MTV Vj and actress. She is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss 10. VJ Bani was born on November 29, 1987. She hails from a family in Chandigarh. She came into limelight post MTV Roadies Season 4.

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VJ Bani was a part of MTV Roadies (2006) as a contestant, and ended up as a runner-up. Thereafter, she anchored many auditions of the following seasons of MTV Roadies. She also participated in Fear Factor- Khatron Ke Khiladi (11). She also took part in another reality show in 2015 on Zee TV called ‘I can do that’

VJ Bani has also acted in a few movies like Aap Ka Suroor, Soundtrack, Zorawar (Punjabi movie) and Thikka (Kannada movie).

VJ Bani – Tattoos

Apart from having a well-toned muscular body, a distinctive feature of VJ Bani are her tattoos.  She has tattoos all over her arms which are synonymous with ‘karma’.  She says that her mother follows Buddhism and is a big believer in past life.  She agrees like her mother that what we bear today has something to do with our past life.  “Listening to her talks about past live touched a chord in me and I went and had these tattoos done,” Bane says.



The model’s favorite tattoos are not the obvious ones on her arms but the ones on the wrists called ‘Rise’ and ‘Shine’. She says that she had these tattoos done especially because they reflect positivity. She says, “The first thing we do when we get up is stretch our hands. I like to look at my hands and see these words on my wrists when I get up.”    But why an affinity to do body art only on her hands? Pat comes her reply, “We all do our daily work with our hands. It is the most used part. So whenever I reach out for something, I like to see my tattoos on my hands.”

 VJ Bani on her muscular body




The VJ says that she has worked hard for her body and does not really care about detractors, some of the ones who even go to an extent to call her ‘manly’. She says that in India, most people have a problem with your body, no matter what type you are.  She adds that whenever she is in India, people tend to judge her but when she is abroad, people have been appreciative about her body. “Whenever, I am abroad, I get compliments like, ‘you are fabulous’ or ‘it must have taken quite an effort, etc.” She says that is a brand ambassador of a fitness app and is the only non-athletic from the country as a part of the Nike advertising campaign, achievements that are a slap on the face of her detractors.

VJ Bani – Diet Tips

She sticks to a balanced diet and says that she never misses out on her proteins and carbs. She likes to keep her body hydrated. Her favorite beverage is coffee.  She says that at the end of the day, people have to decide how much they really want to eat, depending on their individual goals.

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