Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies List

Here is the list of top 10 Bollywood horror movies of all time. While Hollywood horror films tend to bring in the creepy
factor slowly but surely, Bollywood horror movies step up the fear factor right
from the word ‘go’.  While Hollywood
movies tend to  show children and family
members in the house being haunted by curse 
in the home, the main element of horror in most Bollywood films is
infidelity and revenge.

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 Two of the top
directors in Bollywood horror movies, 
Vikram Bhatt and Ram Gopal Varma have a different take on horror, while
the latter went on to organize contests for his 
Phoonk  series of films, where he
dared people  to watch his movies alone
in a theater, Vikram Bhatt says that a true horror film is the one that can
make everyone in the theater scared at the same time.
Nevertheless, here are the top 10 horror movies in Bollywood

10. Darna Mana Hai  (2003) – This anthology film (film
consisting of five short films) was an original format for a horror flick. This
Ram Gopal Varma had six stories woven into one, with different incidents and
experiences of  fear.   Though it did not well at the box office, it
has become popular over the years.  Seven
friends get lost in the middle of the forest due to a car breakdown. So, they
decide to spend some time in the woods, lighting the bonfire and telling each
other scary stories.
Best Scene in Darna
Mana Hai
–  ‘The Ghostly Lift’, the
fifth story in the film which has Vivek Oberoi driving a car past a graveyard
and giving Nana Patekar a lift.  A scary
surprise awaits Nana Patekar.

9.  Raat (1992) – This
is one of the finest horror movies in the 90s. 
Revathi is spooked for life, after her neighborhood cat is accidentally
run over by her father’s car.  The movie
marked the entry of Ram Gopal Varma into the horror genre.  It was one of the biggest hits of 1992.
Best scene in Raat
– Revathi’s friend Jaya Mathur (Rashmi)’s death scene.
8.  Darna Zaroori Hai
–  This  horror flick was a sequel to the Darna Mana
Hai series, and was also produced by Ram Gopal Varma.  The movie did not do too well at the box
office, but its efforts at creating fear was lauded and some of the novel
scripts in the film catapulted the film to be a part of archives at the New York
Institute of Technology.  In this film,
six children get lost in the forest, and an old woman tells them six stories,
to gauge who can sit through all of them without being scared.
Best Scene in Darna
Zaroori Hai
– The  first unaccredited
story which also brings in the credits is the best of the lot, that part was
directed by Sajid Khan. It shows one man, Manoj Pahwa; who watches late night
horror show and then walks to his home, for which he has to cross the
7. Ragini MMS (2011) – This film revolves around the MMS of
a girl called Ragini. She goes for a weekend of fun with her boyfriend in a
secluded cottage, miles away from Mumbai. 
Her boyfriend has other plans, he plans to shoot their intimate moments’
recording on the sly and sell it off to a producer for a break in films. Little
does he realize that the house is spooked and haunted by the dead spirit of a
lady, who was accused of being a witch.
While the styling of filming of Ragini MMS was copied from
Paranormal Activity, the script is based on the real life incident of a certain
Deepika, a girl from Delhi. The movie starred Raj Kumar Yadav as Uday and
Kainaz Motivala as Ragini.  Made with a
budget of just Rs. 1.3 crore, it was shot for a period of only 25 days.  The movie grossed 9 crores and recovered the
cost in just 2 days of its release.
Best scene  in Ragini MMS – The scene when Uday’s
friend comes back home, after relieving himself(there is a pale shadow of the
ghost in the background)

6.13BFear has a
New Address (2009
) – This movie has been lauded for its unique script, it
was about the television evoking fear in the minds of family members. It would
show episodes of misfortune that would happen in the family.
Best Scene in 13B
When Madhavan sees himself going to kill his family members on television.
5. Bhool Bhulaiya (2007)
– This psychological horror comedy is the second most successful movie in India
cinema, if you go by the success rate of this movie as well as its other
versions in languages like Malayalam (the original), Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and
The Malayalam version (1993)was called Manichatrathazhu.  In Bhool Bhulaiya, Vidya Balan plays Avni,
the protagonist, opens the forbidden lock of a haunted ancestral place and then
a series of scary events take place in the home. The palace is haunted by the
ghost of Manjulika, a Bengali classical dancer.
Best Scene in Bhool
– The climax scene, acted wonderfully, by Vidya Balan.

4. Veerana (1988)
– The original Big Daddies of Bollywood horror, 
Ramsay Brothers, created their own parallel industry with a bunch of
horror films that had liberal amount of skin show,  Veerana is one of the best of the lot and
some really spooky scenes.

3.  Haunted 3D (2011) – This is the most successful
Bollywood horror movie in terms of box office revenue.  Directed by Vikram Bhatt, Haunted 3D is also
India’s first stereoscopic 3D horror film. The movie also had a unique script
and was full of scary scenes.  Rehan
(Mahakshay Chakraborty) is sent to investigate what really happened in their
mansion, in which their caretaker had died, a couple of days ago.  No sooner does he enter the house, than he
finds himself being embroiled in a series of scary incidents.  He meets a ragpicker who casts a spell on him
which sets him back to August 17,1936, the British era, where he meets with the
girl who is about to be raped by her teacher. The incident also holds the
mystery to the series of unfortunate happenings in the present.
Best Scene in Haunted
3D – Achint Kaur chasing  Mahakshay
Chakraborty and Tia Bajpai, furiously, in a bid to stop them from destroying her.
2. Raaz (2002)
–  This is Bipasha Basu’s landmark film
and spawned a  series of sequels but none
of them have been able to match the huge popularity of the original.  It is the story of a dead woman who takes
revenge on her lover for driving her to commit suicide. She is here to make
life miserable for the man and his wife. 
The movie starred Dino Morea, Bipasha Basu,  Malini Sharma (as the ghost)and Ashutosh
Rana. Vikram Bhatt created his own brand of horror film with Raaz.
Best Scene in Raaz
–  The spirit cheating Dino Morea by
reprising herself as Bipasha Basu  and
attacking him.

1. 1920 (2008)  – This is easily the best Bollywood horror
movie of all time. A cult movie, it gets repeat demands on satellite television
and DVDs.  Made with just Rs. 2. 5 crore,
this Vikram Bhatt film grossed over Rs. 11 crore.  The film is about a series of haunted happenings
that disturbs the life of  a married
couple, who are stayed in  a haunted house
in 1920. The movie also has a time travel element, taking the plot to 1857 (the
Sepoy Mutiny). Rajneesh Duggall and Adah Sharma star in the film, with Adah
putting in a spirited performance (pun intended).

Best Scene in 1920
The series of events that befall Adah Sharma, when she is left all-alone in the
house and the sequence in which Rajneesh sees her eating a dead cat and
laughing hysterically. 
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