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Tisca Chopra age 39 (born November 1, 1973) is an actress who has been lauded for her performances in movies as well as theater.  Her best known performance was in Taare Zameen Par (2007) as the mother of the protagonist Ishan (Darsheel Safari).  This performance won her a National Award and a Filmfare Award. In the 90s, Tisca Chopra was known by her birth name which is Priya Arora.Tisca Chopra comes from a family of educationists, and hails from Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. She did her schooling in Apeejay School, Noida. Her father was the principal of that very school.  Tisca went on to study English literature at Hindu College,  University of Delhi.  When she was in college, she dabbled in amateur theater and also started to write for various publications and acted in plays for the college and participated in college festivals.  Once she completed her college, Tisca came to Mumbai to learn formal theater acting with Naseeruddin Shah and Feroz Abbas Khan as her teachers.  To quote in her words, “The plan was to do Masters after graduation, and if everybody had their way, I would have, but I had other plans. I wanted to act. I moved to Mumbai, under the pretext of studying Advertising at Xavier’s, which I did, but that was just a cover. I didn’t finish the course. I got offers almost straight away, first mainly for advertisements, though.20 year old Tisca debuted opposite Ajay Devgan in a movie called Platform in 1993. She then veered away from movies, got married and later went on to do theater in Mumbai and was seen in plays like Mahatma vs Gandhi, Salesman Ramlal, Inshah Allah and  All the Best. In 2000, Tisca was seen in a a sensuous role in Hyderabad Blues 2.

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Tisca  then shifted her focus to television and did Ek Shaam ki Mulaquat (part of Star Bestsellers),  Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Love Marriage, Rishton ki  Ankahi Kahani and Hum Saath Saatha Hain Kya and Main Hoon Na.

34 year old Tisca appeared as the role of Ishan’s (Darsheel Safary) mother in Taare Zameen Par, a landmark movie, produced and directed by Aamir Khan.  Her sincere and sublime performance is still talked about even after so many years. The same year, she did a provocative role in the film Cape Karma. Tisca went on to do Nandita Das’ maiden directorial venture Firaaq(2008).

In 2011, the actress was a part of Madhur Bhandarkar’s hit Dil toh Baccha Hai Ji, where she played the role of a cougar. In a glamorous role of a seductress, she stole the show. The same year, she did a role of an Urdu professor in Love Breakups Zindagi (2011) which won her praises for her performance.  In 2012, she did a  movie called 10ml Love which did not do that well. In the same year, Tisca  Chopra did a special appearance in the 2012 runaway hit Oh My God.   She was also seen in the much-acclaimed TV show in Colors called Prayaschit. Her future projects include Ankur Arora Murder Case and Kissa.  She has also judged a reality show on Star News called Star Anchor Hunt.

The actress says that she looks at the script for films and the money for the ad films.She says, “My choice of films has always been very independent, and not necessarily based on the kind of money I might be making from a film, so advertising certainly sponsors my choice in films. Advertising has some great people; fun, bright, happy people. And it’s a short commitment, you get in and get out.”

Tisca who always had a flair for writing, is now ready to release her book called ‘A Hitchhikers Guide to the  Indian Film Industry’that releases in 2013

Personal life and Trivia

Tisca Chopra is 5”3 and is a practicing Buddhist. Very few people know that Tisca Chopra is the grand-daughter of the noteworthy writer Khushwant Singh.  She is married to Air India pilot, Sanjay Chopra.  Tisca is known to champion women’s rights and has worked with many NGOs that support education and welfare.

Brand Endorsements

Tisca Chopra has endorsed quite  a few brands including Olay Total Effects, Kelloggs All Bran, Horlicks Ggold, Vioni and Dish TV.

Tisca Chopra quotes

In the cosmos of my existence, ads pay the bills and are fun, films are passion supreme, TV anchoring and hosting has unparalleled reach and live shows are fantastic to keep one on one’s toes, and theatre is the time to get one’s butt kicked. It’s great training.

A story must do something to me, uplift, enlighten, engage, and hopefully all together. But if it doesn’t, I don’t see why I should attach myself to something for a year. And frankly, I am becoming worse. I am not getting any easier. I will hum and haw and not do something if I am not convinced. About films, I am extremely picky. It makes it worse for the people who want to cast me.  So if someone asks me to play a man, a vamp, a paraplegic, a deaf-mute or anything, or Sarojini Naidu or Indira Gandhi, anything that I haven’t done, I will do it. The scarier it is, the better it is. It’s good-scary. Ultimately, why are you here if you keep repeating yourself?

I am frankly very tired of being prettified.

When I started going to college in Delhi, we would travel by the DTC bus. Eve-teasing is very common there. So, my mom told me to carry a safety pin in my bag. She advised ki ‘chubho dena’ if someone touches you. I want to change this safety pin mentality now. Why should women be afraid when travelling by bus? The girl who died is in a way the Joan of Arc of our country – a symbol of change. Let us not forget what happened.

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