Things that a 90s Indian kid Remembers

Here are some of the thing that a 90s kid can relate to, these are the ones that make this decade truly unforgettable.

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90s game “Color,  color…which color do you want?”

chalk slate

90s camlin box

The Camel box was an essential part of geometry lessons. It would double up as a pencil box too.

paper boat rainy day

The games people played. Ah, the nostalgic90s.

90s doordarshan (1) These multicolored bars meant either Doordarshan was on its way to start its shows  or there was a signal interruption. Of course, people with black and white TVs would take a wild guess on what the greys and blacks stood for.

90s doordarshan (2)

You didn’t deodorants, Gold Spot would bring the opposite sex together.

90s 1 rupeeThe Re.1 note was capable of buying precious, little things.

audio cassette 90s

You were possessive of your audio cassettes. Once they got stuck, your heart would break into pieces.

90s walkman

  You carried the music with you when you had a walkman by your side.  Sony loved to call themselves as the walkman creators.

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