The Man behind Shah Rukh Khan’s Makeup in Fan – Greg Cannom

Being a superstar is not an easy job. Being a superstar and a fan, is more difficult. It is like living with dual personalities.  Shah Rukh Khan has pulled of Fan with amazing finesse, so much that both characters Aryan and Gaurav look distinct in terms of look as well as behavior.

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If playing Gaurav has been physically challenging, becoming Gaurav has been a bigger challenge that SRK put through every day while filming ‘Fan’. This challenge is sitting with patience while the makeup artists do their job.

The look of Gaurav has been the creation of famous Hollywood makeup artist Greg Cannom. Greg is famous for his work with Brad Pitt and Robin Williams. With Greg’s expert makeup and creative flair, Shah Rukh was transformed into the obsessive fan, Gaurav Channa.

greg cannom makeup FAN SRK

Greg Cannom makeup man FAN

Greg has won Academy Award thrice in his career. He has also received Oscar nomination more than nine times. In his career, Greg has worked for films like Dracula, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Titanic (the makeup of ‘Old Rose’) and Mrs Doubtfire.

To turn Shah Rukhn into Gaurav, he has spent plenty of time YRF studio. After a lot of experimenting, Greg finally settled for the look of the Fan.  In the initial stage of creating Gaurav,  Greg would spend nearly six hours with SRK in getting the look right. Through trial and error, the talented professional Greg finally got the look brilliantly distinct than ‘Aryan’ where Shah Rukh plays himself. All in all,  it would take nearly 3 hours for the makeup of Gaurav to be done before SRK would do wonders with the new face.

Incidentally, Greg Cannom also did the makeup for Rishi Kapoor in ‘Kapoor and Sons’.

SRK as Gaurav Channa in Fan

SRK Fan Gaurav lookalike

SRK Gaurav Channa

Gaurav Channa Fan makeup

Gaurav Channa Fan SRK

SRK fan Gaurav Channa

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