Swami Omji – Bigg Boss 10’s Trump-card?

Big Boss 10 has a casting that is both unique, yet a bit maverick; the first person that is set to catch your attention is Swami Omji. This person has been spreading spirituality throughout the entire Big Boss house, not even sparing the anchor, Salman Khan. But don’t let the outer spiritual demeanor fool you because this person is anything but a saint. The audience after the premiere of Big Boss 7 took to several social media outlets pointing out the “ill-vibes” that Swami Omji brought along.

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Swami Omji – controversies

  • Swami Omji is a part of the Hindu Mahasabha and calls himself a BJP supporter.
  • There have been several viral videos of the so-called “Swamiji” and in one of which he downgrades Kejriwal and even confessed that he once trespassed his private property and thrashed him.
  • He has been linked previously to have been disrespectful towards women, and he even assaulted Elizabeth Hurley because the attire was “too revealing”.
  • Setting aside all the creepy vibes, there has been yet another video from back in the days when Swamiji was witnessed to slap a fellow guest, who happened to be a woman, on a show at IBN7.

swami-omji-deepa-sharma-slap-fight-photo swami-omji-slapping-woman

The 59 year old Swami Omji has certainly started the ball rolling antagonizing the contestants. He is sure to rake in the TRPs with his shenanigans.

In the Bigg Boss 10 show, he has already been seen getting into argument with Lopamudra Raut and Akansha Sharma.

Video of Swami Omji fighting with woman on live TV debate

Swami Omji and a woman called Deepa Sharma were seen getting into a physical fight during a live TV debate. The video has gone viral on social media.

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