Sshivani Durga – Know her Better!

Sshivani Durga (also referred to as Shivani Durgah) is an Indian self-proclaimed godwoman and spiritual guru. On 30th Sep, 2017, she was selected as a commoner contestant for the reality TV show Bigg Boss season 11 which is telecast on Colors TV. The show is hosted by Salman Khan, superstar actor.

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In the last season, Om Swami had grabbed headlines and lots of attention. Hence, the makers of the show decided to select a female guru as a participant in season 11. During her introduction Sshivani stated that one bad fish in the pond does not mean that the entire pond and all its fishes are bad. This was an indirect reference to Om Swami and supposed godmen Asaram and Ram Rahim. This fighting spirit in Durga will ensure that she stays in the house for some time to come.

Early Life and Career

Sshivani was born in 1976 in Noida, UP. She currently resides in Mumbai.

SShivani had a troubled time during her formative years.  Her father, KC Nagpal, a renowned musician had an extramarital relationship which led to her mother’s suicide.  SShivani was disowned by her step-mother when she was 13, as a result of which she had to leave home.

Durga has a double Ph.D. degree in Occultism which she received from The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA. She also has a Ph.D. in Karmkanda.

In addition to being a self-proclaimed devotee of Goddess Durga and a spiritual guru, Sshivani is also a singer, spiritual healer, Wiccan, spirit hunter, tantrika, voodoo anthropologist, psychic, medium, author, and gypsy. She is the writer of a thesis on “Veda Science: Wicca-Tantra-Vodou-Religion and science”. GTN gave her the ‘Outstanding Professionalism’ award for her work.

Sshivani also calls herself as a social worker and is credited as the founder of varied organizations like IWCVT – Indian Wiccan Community and Vodou Temple, and Sarveshwari Shakti women Akhara.

She has worked as a tarot reader for Astrotalk Live Interactive show which airs on mytv. Bharat Nirman awarded her with the title of ‘Tarot Queen of Cups’.


SShivani Durga – Husband and Child

She got married to Brij Kirk, who was a businessman from Anandpur.  After an alleged betrayal from her husband, she decided to lead her life in her own right and take up ‘sanyaas’. She left her child to her husband’s care.



  • She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her hobbies include writing, reading, and travelling. She is very close to nature and enjoys its natural rhythms and music. It is also the reason why she loves travelling and exploring new things around the world.
  • She likes to refer to herself as ‘Simha Vahini’ which means “Lion Rider Durga”.

Sshivani Durga – Pictures



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