Six Rare Pictures of Young APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam among many of his distinguished records, has an unparalled record of being the only Indian leader who is loved universally by each and everyone. Following his death on July 27, 2015, the nation has been united in grief for the People’s President, who has been a role model for people all through his life.

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Kalam who studied physics and aerospace engineering, spent the next four years as a scientist and administrator at the Defence Research and Development Organization and Indian Space Research Organization. As he was closely involved in the Indian civil space program and missile development, he was called as the Missile Man of India. He had a crucial role to play in the Pokhran -2 nuclear test in 1998.

In terms of material possessions,  president did not own much besides his book collection, four pairs of trousers, six shirts, three suits and a pair of shoes. He did not even own a fridge or air conditioner.  He was happy to live on the money that he received from the sale of his four books and his pension. All the gifts that he would get, was given back politely, unless it was a book.  He stayed at a bungalow given by the government called 10 Rajaji Marg.

Abdul Kalam was really happy about the fact that his brother APJ Marakia (who is 99) would be celebrating his birthday, the following year and had special plans for the day.  He would call his brother every day before or after coming from a big assignment. He called him up even before the meeting at Shillong.  Here are some of the rare pictures of the young Abdul Kalam.




apj abdul kalam young

Young Abdul Kalam assembling a text rocket in Thumba

apj abdul kalam nuclear tests

APJ Abdul Kalam in the course of doing nuclear tests

apj abdul kalam young photo

APJ Kalam with Vikram Sarabhai

apj abdul kalam young teaching

APJ Kalam holding a lecture in 1980

apj abdul kalam young pictures

APJ Kalam with Indira Gandhi

apj abdul kalam bharat ratna

APJ Abdul Kalam receiving Bharat Ratna

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