Shilpa Shinde – The ‘Sahi Pakde Hai’ Actress!

Shilpa Shinde is a TV actress who popularity has sky-rocketed after her role as ‘Angoori’ in the hit TV show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’.

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The age-defying beauty Shilpa (age 45, born January 1, 1970) says, “I never expected that Angoori would turn out to be such a big hit. In fact, I was chosen to play the role of Anita. But then the director and the writer felt I would justify Angoori’s character better.”

Angoori is a North-Indian housewife who is weak in English. Her combined mix of bubbly and naïve nature brings out the hilarity across to the audience . Of course, her trademark line ‘ Sahi Pakde Hai’ has become the catch-phrase of the nation and is getting viral with each passing day.

Interestingly, the age-defying stunner Shilpa Shinde is someone who believes in having that one-liner that people would remember. She says, “The team was toying around with various options. I suggested that since Angoori’s English is not that good, she should be using something when people correct her. The writer came up with ‘Sahi Pakde Hain’. I tried it and it worked.”

The 5 feet 2 inch tall Shilpa Shinde has already done many other shows like Bhabhi, Chidyagarh and ‘Mayaka’ but ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ has singled handedly made both her and the TV channel ‘And TV’ a household name. Must say ‘Sahi Pakde Hain’.

Is Shilpa Shinde married?

The actress was going to be married to Romit Raj, fellow actor, whom she had been dating for long. But the marriage was called off for some reason. As of now she is dating but it has not been made public.

Why did Shilpa Shinde (Angoori Bhabi) quit Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai?

The actress quit the  super-hit show all of a sudden. She complained against the makers of the show, the director and the producer for unleashing mental torture and showing favoritism on other actors.  She even said that the other actors in the show were insecure of her and would complain about her to the producer. She said that the producer had not shown sensitivity towards her when she had suffered throat infection and  would abuse  at her, if she was late on the show. She swore never to associate herself with the show.  Shilpa also sent a notice to CINTAA to lodge a complaint.

In return, the producer Benaifer Kohli said that Shilpa was taking undue advantage of her popularity and was holding the team to ransom. She said that  Shilpa had even said that she would stop shooting if her demands were met. She said that she would report late for the sets and throw tantrums. Benaifer added that her demands were unreasonable, which included asking hike for the third time in one year and expecting the production houses to pay for her clothes.  Benaifer who represents the production house Edit 2 sent a legal notice to Shilpa Shinde citing defamation and breach of contractual obligations.

Shilpa Shinde – Pictures

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