Sahil Khan – Mr. Muscle is in the Bigg Boss House

The muscular sensation Sahil Khan is in Bigg Boss 9 as a contestant. He was born on November 5 1976 in Kolkata to a Pathan father and a Chinese mother.

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The 1. 78 meter tall actor with an enviable physique was cast by N. Chandra  along with Sharman Joshi as debutants in’Style’ which turned out to be a sweeping, dark-horse hit of  2001.   Sahil Khan went on to do other films like Xcuse Me, Double Cross,  Yehi Hai Zindagi, Alladin and Rama but they were not able to match the success of his first film. Sahil Khan went on to the business of health, where he worked with Yash Birla to develop a chain of sports and nutritional supplements for the Indian market.

Sahil Khan – wife Negar Khan and divorce

sahil khan wife negar khan

Sahil Khan married Negar Khan in 2004 and they were divorced by the next year.  Negar reportedly accused Sahil of being gay, while he accused her of cheating on him.

Sahil Khan – Sana Khan controversy

Sahil Khan alleged that he was thrashed by actress Sana Khan’s boyfriend  Ismail Khanwhen he was on the treadmill. Sahil said “Sana’s boyfriend  thinks I am  spreading rumors about her to the press.  I have nothing do to with their lives and do not know why they reacted this way.”

Sahil Khan – Ayesha Shroff controversy

sahil khan ayesha shroff pictures

Sahil Khan and Ayesha Shroff had set up a few businesses together but  they did not take off. Once friends, Ayesha charged Sahil with owing the business Rs. 8 crores.  Sahil said that Ayesha was in a relationship with him and she was levelling this charges in order to get back to him.  Ayesha said that Sahil was gay and there was no way she would be involved with him. Sahil said that he had pictures with him that would clear the doubt in anyone’s mind that they were just business partners.  Just when things were turning ugly, the two legally buried the hatchet in May 2015 and promised the court that they would not interfere in each other’s personal lives.

Sahil Khan – Pictures

Here are the pictures of the inspirational body of Sahil Khan. He may  not have enough body of work, but he has definitely worked on his body.

sahil khan movie

sahil khan body pictures

sahil khan chest body pictures

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