Sabyasachi Satpathy – Know him Better!

Sabyasachi Satpathy is an Indian TV personality, chef, dancer, and fashion consultant. On September 30, 2017, he was selected as a commoner contestant on season 11 of the reality TV show Bigg Boss. The show airs on Colors TV and is hosted by superstar actor Salman Khan.

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Sabyasachi is a padosi contestant on the reality TV show and will be living in a house neighboring the main Bigg Boss house. He is usually very cool and calm, but has stated that anyone in the house who tries to lock horns with him will face the very depths of his wrath. When he got introduced on the show, he surprised everyone by stating that he is bise*ual. He stated that his se*ual preference was his own choice and that no one in the house or outside should have anything to do with his choices.

Early Life and Career

Satpathy was born in Odisha and he is 25 years old. Jitu Satpathy, a former Ranji cricketer is his brother.

Sabyasachi attended St. Vincent Convent School in Behrampore. He later went to Khallikote Autonomous College and graduated with a B.Com degree. After finishing college, he worked in the IT industry. He later tried different kinds of jobs. Later, he became famous on local TV channels in the state. He has even been the host of a few national TV shows.

Satpathy is also a good chef and a dancer. He has hosted many different cooking shows on TV in his home state. He was also the host of the varied audition sessions of Miss India 2017. He made decisions on how the audition would be done, became interviewer for many aspirants who wanted to enter the fashion and acting industry, and even trained quite a few of them.


  • The sun sign of Sabyasachi is Virgo. He is 5 Feet 8 Inches tall
  • There is not much data about the relationship status of Sabyasachi. It is rumored that he is unmarried and not in any kind of relationship.
  • He is also referred to by his other name Sabyasachi Shagoon Satpathy.

Sabyasachi Satpathy – Pictures

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