Remember The Jungle Book of the 90s?

For the ones who grew up on this television series, surely know what it felt like to put on the Doordarshan channel, with gleaming eyes in the 90s. They waited for the episode to start with the memorable Hindi song, “jungle jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai”.

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Jungle Book’s Hindi dubbed version originally came from the 52-episodes Japanese anime ‘Jungle Book Shownen Mowgli’. It was a big experiment by the Indians, which turned out to be a cult classic later. Even today, the strong characters and the introducing song written by Gulzar are crystal clear, among kids belonging to the 1980s-90s generation.

Reasons Behind Jungle Book 2016(Hindi) Becoming a Blockbuster

Rudyard Kipling created this novel with Indian names like Raksha, Baloo, Shere Khan and Bagheera, which gave an appeal to the Indian audience instantly. The use of- relatable Indian names, Seonee Hills (in Madhya Pradesh) as the background of the plot, voices of immensely talented actors like Nana Patekar, Om Puri, Shefali Shah and Priyanka Chopra were some delicious ingredients for the movie to become a big hit in India.

Since this animated cartoon was aired in Hindi during the Doordarshan days, it was given that the movie would touch many hearts and ensure a nostalgic journey for every person from that generation. This is the main reason, why this adventure film in Hindi worked with millions in India rather than the original English one.

the jungle book 90s cartoon show

The Jungle Book Cartoon of the 1990s in India

The Jungle book television series got aired in 1993, every Sunday from 12pm to 1pm on Doordarshan, for which every child used to stop what they did and sit for this captivating anime. Children and even adults in those days would animatedly discuss with each other about the story and the characters with their friends,  the following Monday. Most people who are now in the late 20s, 30s and early 40s wold remember watching Jungle Book cartoon series on their big-bottomed televisions, some of which were black and white.  With enhanced special effects and CGI, the Jungle Book (2016) is a treat to watch and is a beautiful reminder of the nostalgic 90s.

mowgli the jungle book 90s cartoon

the jungle book 90s doordashan cartoon show

the jungle book 90s cartoon doordarshan

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