Real Life Celebrities and Bollywood Actresses that Inspired ‘Calendar Girls’

Calendar Girls directed by Madhur Bhandakar who has never shied away from hard-hitting reality films, would like us to believe that this one is most realistic movie. Of course, just the basis of these characters are similar by real-life personalities,  the rest of the characterization is different.

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vijay mallya suhel seth calendar girls

While the director himself stated that Suhel Seth is playing Vijay Mallya in the film, and that the liquor baron has been gracious and sporty enough to let the director fashion his character on the screen,  you can expect to play a guessing game about the five Calendar Girls in the film.

calendar girls photo

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akanksha puri shilpa shetty calendar girls

  •  Akanksha Puri’s character inspired by Shilpa Shetty- The actress plays the character of a South Indian ‘Nandita Menon’ in the film.  The body language and the plot development of the character is similar to that of Shilpa Shetty.  Just like Shilpa, Nandita gives up her career and gets  married to a business  magnate.

avani modi in veena malik calendar girls 2

  •  Avani Modi’s character inspired by Veena Malik – Avani Modi’s character seems to be inspired by Veena Malik. Just like the Pakistani actress,  Nazneen Khalid pouts unabashedly and exposes her way to success.

satarupa ghosh calendar girls paroma ghosh

  • Satarupa Pyne’s character inspired by Sunanda Pushkar – Just like there were emerging news reports that  Sunanda Pushkar had secrets about IPL to share before she died,  Satarupa Pyne’s character also  helps the police get vital secrets about SPL.


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