Radhe Maa – Jokes, Memes and Trolls

After Radhe Maa’s controversial pictures came out,  there has been a rise of memes and jokes on the representation of the self-styled God-woman. Here are some of them –

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radhe maa tiger shroff

1. How to get the Radhe Maa look  – 1. Get a Makeover 2. Wear jewelry 3. YouTube basic Magic Tricks 4. Wear something red 5. Show aashirwaad sign, the fans will do the rest.

radhe maa pictures

2. Radhe Maa doesn’t wear makeup, make-up wears Radhe Maa.

radhe maa with devotees dancing

3.Get the Radhe Maa look in 4 simple steps: – Click a selfie – Add the Lo-Fi filter – Full saturation – Set brightness and contrast to maximum

radhe maa gajendra chauhan

4.An aspiring FTII student blessing an spiring FTII Principal. Jai ho Radhe Radhe!!!” – Rishi Kapoor on FTII Principal Gajendra Chauhan.

5.  What do you call when Radhe Maa farts? Padhe Maa

Radha on the dance floor

Radha on the dance floor   

radha ma dancing picture

Radha likes to party..

radhe maa joke pictures

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