Qandeel Baloch- Victim of a regressive attitude!

Model Qandeel Baloch who was known as the ‘Kim Kardashian of Pakistan’ was murdered by her brother Waseem in a so-called case of honor killing. She was a model, actress and social media celebrity. Reaction to her murder have come from different parts of the world, who are shocked at a society that smacks of repressiveness and regressive mentality.

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Qandeel Baloch was born on March 1, 1990 in Shah Sardar Din, Punjab. She became popular in 2013 when her embarrassing audition at Pakistan Idol became a viral one. She then embraced social media and went on to become an Internet celebrity where she would make statements like showing off her love for Virat Kohli and daring to strip for Shahid Afridi. Soon enough, she became one of the  top ten most searched celebrities in Pakistan.

Qandeel Baloch also championed herself as a feminist and talked about the right of Pakistani women to live their lives on their own times. A music video ‘Ban’ that released in the first week of  July became popular endorsed her stand.

Earlier in June 2016, Baloch met senior cleric  Mufti Abdul Qawi and posted a short video of both of them together. Mufti was removed from his position and Baloch was issued death threats. She had aked for police protection but didn’t get any.

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qandeel baloch ban video

qandeel baloch with Mufti Abdul Qawi

Qandeel Baloch  – Husband and son

She had married at the age of 17 to Ashiq Hussain, and has a son. The two separated in 2010 with her claiming that it was a blunder on her part to marry so early and that her husband was abusive and violent. There were unsubstantiated reports of her second marriage too.

qandeel baloch husband son

Qandeel Baloch Brother – Photos

qandel brother waseem photo

qandeel baloch murderer brother wasem photo

What her brother has to say

On July 15, 2016, Qandeel Baloch was strangled to death by younger brother Waseem when she was asleep in her parents’ house in Multan. The autopsy report with marks on her neck and nose, showed that she was murdered by asphyxiation at around 11.15 Pm to 11.30 PM when she asleep.

Waseem took responsibility for killing Qandeel and said in a press conference, “ I did as a honor to protect the family name especially after her videos on Facebook and YouTube. I am a Baloch and have no regrets. “

The world over, celebrities especially in India, Pakistan and US expressed shock at the honor killing and exploitative behavior against women rampant in repressive societies

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