Priya Malik – Signifying the ‘Wild’ in Wild Card Entry

Priya Malik, the latest wild-card entry in Bigg Boss Season 9 has stated that she is going to take the term ‘wild’ in wild card entry seriously and is going to infuse some serious disruption in the house. Well, who is she actually?

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Priya is the 28 year old secondary school teacher from Adelaide who participated in Big Brother Australia (2014). She ended up in the fourth position, and was the nineteenth housemate to be evicted. She was known to be quite a strategist in the game. The reality show contestant was actually born and brought up in Dehradun and went on to get her English Honors Degree from Delhi. She got a teaching job in an Australian college and started making a living there.. She is also a popular stand-up comedienne. Priya is also a poet and was the finalist from South Australia in the Australian Poet Slam competition in 2013.

Priya Malik – Husband

Priya is married to Bhushan Malik, who was her long-time boyfriend. Apparently, she told her husband that she is going to flirt with Salman Khan, who she considers her favorite.

Priya Malik on Bigg Boss 9

Malik finds Bigg Boss 9 boring especially because the contestants are cautious and not playing the game to the fullest. She said she is going to stroke the fire and cause enough problems to the selfish and over cautious people. She said that she will not get well with Mandana and Keshwar but finds herself agreeing with the way Rochelle is playing the game. She also said that she will make sure that Rimi Sen is ruffled, because she is sitting duck without really doing nothing in the game.

Priya Malik – Pictures

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priya malik big brother

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