Prince is the winner of Bigg Boss 9

Prince Narula has proved to the king of reality stars, he won Bigg Boss 9 by an impressive margin.  It is believed that he won the  competition by 35,18,909 votes, while Rishabh Sinha got 34,01,889 votes. Mandana Karimi turned up as third  with 32,67,009  votes while  Rochelle Rao earned 27,56,710 votes.

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Prince Narula won the show with his confidence and his ability to be a team-player. He was  overtly criticized for being arrogant in the beginning of the show, but with time, he transformed and took  a stand for his friends.  Rishabh was also believed to be a hot favorite but ultimately Prince Narula has walked out with the honors.

prince narula bigg boss 9 photo prince narula bigg boss 9

Prince has scored a hat-trick with the Bigg Boss 9 win. Earlier, he has won MTV Roadies and MTV Splitsvilla, both in 2015.

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