Popular Websites and How they Used to Look When They were Launched

google 1996

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Google back in 1996 when it launched as as simplistic as it is now.  Of course, it can perform the most complex functions with remarkable ease now.

amazon 1995 look when launchedAmazon, the biggest e-commerce site in the world was ‘grey matter’ to begin with. But it was particular about one thing right from its inception – impeccable customer service.

facebook old look

 When you look at Facebook’s old look in 2004, you’d never imagine that this online directory to connect social networks at colleges, would be an indispensable part (well almost) of everyone’s lives.

youtube 2005Youtube when it launched in 2005, was a far-cry from  what is now – the ‘go to’ site for everything audio-visual.

twitter 2006Twitter in 2006 had an ‘e’ missing, besides many things.  Now in the social media space, if air equates to Facebook, water equates to Twitter.

apple website Apple was pretty raw, back then!

microsoft website old look

The Microsoft website was all cluttered back then, with jargons and terminologies that would make one hit the ‘x’ button.

myspace 2003MySpace – circa 2003.  It brought the term ‘social network’ into existence.

yahoo launch time lookYahoo in 1995 was like a directory for everything you wanted. And yes, you could win loads of stuff, back then.

newyork times website 1996New York Times  had a website up and running as early as 1996.

rediff website old look Indian website Rediff back in 2000. For the uninitiated, this was an open letter by Pooja Bedi following her altercation with Amitabh Bachchan following an interview.

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