Ola vs Uber – Which is Better?

Ola vs Uber, which is a better private-cab aggregator service? Uber, as all know, is the worldwide leader for hiring private taxis and cabs. Though it started off in 2009 in the US by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp.., it began its services in India, in  2013. It operates in around 30 cities in India. You can pay them through PayTM wallet, credit/debit car or cash.

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Ola, on the other-hand is a dominant player in India , much like Grab or Grab Taxi is in South East Asia. Ola  is a startup founded by Bhavish Aggarwal in  2010. With every passing year, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds. It is a true disruptor, making it presence in around 110 cities in India, as of now. It operates both cars and auto-rickshaws, while Uber runs only cars. Apart from personal transport, the company has also branched out into food and grocery delivery too. You can pay Ola through Ola Money wallet,  credit/debit card and cash.

Well, I have used both and here is my take. As far as the app is concerned, both Ola and Uber are good, though Uber is simpler to use.

The booking experience is much better for Uber compared to Ola. There are times, especially in the weekends, when you have to wait endlessly for an ‘Ola’ to get confirmed.  Ola has introduced something called Ola Select, where you can ride without peak pricing and skip the booking queue, but I would say, the packages are more on the expensive side. Uber on the other hand, has an easy  and simple booking process.

Ola scores on the availability factor, it is more common to ride an Ola in India, than an Uber.

Drivers…well, you get a bunch of good and bad both in Ola and Uber, but Uber has better drivers, overall. For instance, I remember this one incident when an Ola driver asked me to pay in cash, even there was money in the Ola wallet.

Uber has much better customer service than Ola. Even in the fares department, Uber has a cheaper pricing structure compared to Ola, with UberGo working out cheaper than Ola Micro. Here’s a smart tip –  If you need to choose between Ola or Uber, choose Ola if you destination is 6–20km away, however for greater distances ( more than 20km) go for Uber.

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