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The ‘Lunchbox actress’ Nimrat Kaur (age 31, born March 13, 1982), has become popular after people took note of her subtle but brilliantly layered performance in the film. She is a theater actress who has done plays like All About Women, The Baghdad Wedding and Red Sparrow. The accomplished actress has been a part of the Cannes Film Festival twice, first for Peddlers, produced by Anurag Kashyap and yet again, for The Lunchbox.

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Nimrat Kaur also acted in the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk ad.  Not many know that she was in the 2002 Kumar Sanu pop video called ‘Tera Mera Pyar. She debuted in films with an English movie ‘One Night with the King’ which was shot extensively in Rajasthan.

 Explaining her entry into films, Nimrat says, “After my college, I consciously moved to Mumbai because I wanted to act. I got some photographs shot by a family friend and then I started doing music videos. I did an album called Tera Mera Pyaar for Sony Music and that was my first break. I started my career from there. I did theatre also, but that’s a luxury and you don’t get much out of it monetarily. It is only to enrich your experience. I started doing advertisements and that helped me earn good money. Once I knew I could sustain myself financially, I wanted to become richer in my experience. I wanted to see how it is to be an actor.”

 Since food was such an integral part of The Lunch Box,  it is no surprise that  Nimrat knows to cook, too. She says, “Yes, I cook. I have been cooking for myself for some time. I love making rajma and biryani. I love making food for my friends. I love the attention to detail that goes into cooking. But my favourite food is my mother’s mutton biryani.” She admits that she has not eaten Dabba food but she would love to give it, a try.

 Nimrat hails from Punjab and her father was in Army. After graduation, she decided to take up acting much but her parents were not really enthusiastic about it.  Nimrat says, . “They weren’t against it, but they were certainly worried for me.” But she decided to try her luck and gave herself one year before she would quit and come back to her home.

Nimrat made a portfolio of herself and sent them to various casting agencies and production houses. She says, “I would go for a certain number of auditions every day. My first break came with Kumar Sanu and Shreya Ghoshal’s music video, Tera Mera Pyaar.” She went on do more commercials including Asian Paints and Kaya Skin Clinic.

She says that after four years of being in the ad industry, she felt she should do something better. main intention of coming to this city was to act. But I had come here without a course in acting. I knew acting couldn’t be learned, but I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do it.” She soon began watching plays and was introduced to some theatre artistes.  I then got a chance in one of the plays directed by Sunil Shanbagh.

Then she was signed by Vasan Bala, who wanted to do a movie called ‘Peddlers’ which went to Cannes. Then The LunchBox happened and the rest, they say, is history.  Nimrat says that she is proud of Mumbai and it has a lot of people with positive vibes around her.

How did Nimrat Kaur prepare for The LunchBox ?

 The crew shot in a nondescript flat in Malad East. Nimrat made it a point to visit the home everyday so that she could take in the ambience and get the feeling that it is her own home. I arranged the kitchen myself, just ilke Ila would. When you cook, you don’t pause to fetch salt,” Kaur reasons.  Elaborating on how she internalized Ila, she adds, “”I tried not to act. Everything had to be felt. You don’t break into an array of facial expressions when you read a letter.”

Without any formal training course, Nimrat’s only experience was acting during her college days, in Lady Shri Ram College, in New Delhi and during her school days.  Nimrat  had to go through 80 failed auditions in the course of three months as she tried furiously to get work in ad-films through Internet and by walking to production houses.  Work followed after Kumar Sanu’s video appearance and she went on to do as many as 87 ads.

Nimrat believes that theater definitely makes a person, a better actor. She adds,  “Theatre is like net practice. It affords you the luxury of time with endless rehearsals. It taught me the importance of reading the script in detail and understanding my part in a way that I become the bridge between the story and the audience, without letting my personality interferes with the character.”

To portray Ila to the hilt, the actress isolated herself from friends and Facebook. She says, “I had to de-clutter my life, and go very far from who I was. I started reading more and going out less. While I take care of myself, Ila may not look in the mirror even once a day. So I stopped threading my eyebrows. I clipped my fingernails and coloured them with henna,” she rattles off. But Nimrat says that internally both, Ila was a reflection of her own persona. . “Ila isn’t defeated; she is only waiting for sunshine,” she adds.

Nimrat worked hard for the film and her filming was completed in just 11 days.  So good was her research about her character and the effort  that she put in, that director Rajiv Batra asked her to write her own dialogues.  She refers to the shot when she had to add authenticity to the way she took a pinch of dal and licked it off her hand, to gauge the taste. “By the time, we were going through the retakes, the dal had become boiling hot and I nearly burnt my hand by the time we got the shot okayed,” she laughs.

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