Little Nicole Barr Beats the IQ of Einstein and Hawking

Einstein would doff his hat to the 12 year old Nicole Barr of Essex. This girl, daughter to migrant employees in England,  is proving to raise the bar of IQ score,  towering over geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

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The average IQ score for adults is 100, anything which is above 140 is considered to be genius.  Nicole is placed at a spectacular 162, higher than the scores of Einstein and Hawking.

Nicole Barr IQ

Nicole took the Mensa IQ test with her father Jams Barr, 36. He said, “She has always excelled in  Math and has loved challenging herself, playing with puzzles and numbers. The proud father said that his daughter’s IQ accomplishment has suddenly made them famous and their community Roma, is suddenly garnering attention.   Nicole has been someone who has been calculating complex algebra equations even before she was 10.

The preteen studies in Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow; she actively takes part in school plays as well. She aspires to be a doctor some day. The family lives in a gypsy caravan.




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