Mom Movie Review – Is it a hit or a flop?

The movie ‘Mom’ released on July 7, 2017. This thriller is Sridevi’s 300th movie and is released in the 50th year of her illustrious career.

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The Plot of Mom

To begin with, we understand that the teenager Arya does not share good vibes with her mom Devaki Sabarwal, who is not her biological mother.

The family is shattered when Arya is physically assaulted by a gang of men in a moving black SUV, in Delhi. Her face and body disfigured, she is left to die in a ditch.

Arya is treated, she recovers slowly but surely. However, the girl is still in a shock due to the emotional and physical trauma over the incident. All incriminating evidence against the accused result in vain, because they hold the reins of power.

Devaki, decides to bring the culprits to book in her own style, with some assistance by a private detective called Daya Shakar, while a police inspector Matthew Francis, is on their heels.

Plus points of Mom

It  is one of the rare Bollywood movies that delves into a standoffish relationship between a teenager and her stepmom.  The movie reminds of another movie ‘Pink’ (2016) which showed you how New Delhi is not too safe for girls.

Essentially, the movie has some good amount of twists and turns, especially in the second half with Devaki choosing appropriate modes of punishments for the various accused depending on their age, interests and socio-economic status.

Also, director Ravi Udyawar proves his mettle, particularly when he inter-cuts scenes in ’cause and effect’ manner; wherein one sees the protagonist orchestrating her plan and the antagonist bearing the brunt, in the same scene.


On the flip side

I would say the climax was ‘filmi’ and contrived.

Best scene

That would be the one with the ‘apple seeds’.


The Pakistani beauty Sajal Ali who plays the teenage daughter, is a revelation, especially to Bollywood and the western world. This Kareena Kapoor look-alike can give tough competition to the rest of Bollywood newbies in their 20s.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the bumbling detective,  Akshaye Khanna as the no-nonsense cop, Abhimanyu Singh as Jagan and another Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui, shine in their respective roles. But the movie truly belongs to Sridevi, who is still going strong and unparalleled, even in her 50s.

In conclusion, I would say ‘Mom’ is an emotional tough-as-nails’ thriller. Go for it.

Mom – Rating

I would give it a 4 out of 5

Collections of Mom

The movie was made with a budget of Rs. 40 crore and went on to earn Rs. 54 crore as on July 20, 2017.

Is Mom movie a hit or a flop?

Mom is a sleeper hit, boasting of some good thrills in the second half, noteworthy performances and good direction. There is nothing novel here, it is still an old-fashion revenge fest, but it has been fashioned intelligently and executed deftly.

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