Mehjabi Siddiqui – Know her Better!

Mehjabi Siddiqui is an Indian woman who was selected as a commoner contestant on season 11 of the popular reality TV show called Bigg Boss. The show is hosted by actor Salman Khan and is telecast on Colors TV.

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Siddiqui will be vying with other commoner and celebrity contestants on the show. She is a padosi participant who will be living in a neighboring house and not the main house. The winner of Bigg Boss season 10 was a commoner; hence Mehjabi has as good a chance to win the big prize as other celebrity and commoner participants.

During her introduction on the show, Mehjabi declared that she was the voice of all the bahus or daughters in law in the nation. She also immediately launched into a tirade about how she will create a nuisance for everyone in the house and how the others will need to clean up her mess. Such aggressiveness and fighting attitude will make sure that she does not get evicted early on.

Siddiqui has stated that she is a social worker by profession. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her favorite food is biryani and her hobbies include reading and traveling.


Mehjabi Siddiqui – Husband

Not much is known about the education or life of Siddiqui. It is rumored that the 36 year old is married to someone named Azim Sheikh. But there are no reports that confirm whether she is married, divorced, unmarried, single, or in a relationship.

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