Meet the Trivago Guy Abhinav Kumar (and enjoy the jokes!)

Abhinav Kumar is an Indian citizen who came to fame after appearing in the advisement for the online hotel search engine ‘Trivago’. Kumar generated a lot of buzz for his appearance in the advertisement with media portals going into an overdrive to unmask the face behind the advertisement. He has only appeared in one advertisement and has generated a lot of infamy for not being model-like. At the same time, he has generated a lot of eyeballs for the brand as well as for himself.

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Kumar is essentially the Country Development (India) at Trivago GmbH, a position he has been holding since December 2012 until the present day. He resides in the Dusseldorf area of Germany. He has spent a significant amount of time in Europe in the last decade. He has gone on record to say that he has no aspirations of being a part of the modelling/acting industry and is happy in his role at Trivago.

Early Life and Education

Kumar was born in India and raised in the Indian city of Ranchi, Jharkhand. He is around 29 years old, born on August 28. Not much is known about his parents or family life. He attended the Bishop Westcott Boys School in Ranchi, Jharkhand from 1995-2003, completing his matriculation. He later shifted to Pune where he attended the Marathwada Mitramandal College of Commerce, completing his Higher Secondary Education.

Kumar enrolled into the University of Pune in 2006 and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce in 2009.  He later attended Università Degli Studi Di Trento, (University of Trento) Italy, in 2009 from where he earned his Master’s degree in International management with a major in Economics in 2012.

Career Rise

While in India, Kumar worked as a Customer Sales Representative (CSR) for Transworld Infotech Ltd in Pune. He later served at WNS Global in the capacity of a Sr. Customer Sales Representative. Kumar moved to Italy in 2010 and interned in the export department of Fidia Farmaceutici SPA and soon moved to its business development team. After freelancing for a short while, Kumar moved to Dusseldorf, Germany and took a job at the online hotel search engine Trivago, where he was made the Country Development Head for India.

Despite auditioning several models for their commercial in India, Trivago was unable to finalize a model.  The travel brand was not interested in taking celebrities, and was looking for someone who was more relatable. The company was essentially looking for a person with ‘common, average features’ and Kumar apparently fit the bill. He was asked by the brand’s marketing head to feature in the advertisement. He claims that he was reluctant to feature in the advertisement initially, but was glad he starred in it, since it raised the audience’s curiosity about Trivago.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Kumar’s personal life. He has shared instances where he is now being recognized in India. He once hailed a taxi and was ecstatic that its driver instantly recognized him. In another incident, when Kumar went shopping at a Gurgaon mall, he was recognized by a family despite not sporting his trademark beard and moustache in the advertisement. Kumar claims that without his facial hair, it is difficult to recognize him and credits the family for doing so.

Kumar has accumulated a lot of infamy for appearing in the advertisement. There is a Quora thread titled ‘Are you too fed up of the trivago ad guy?’ dedicated to Kumar.  Apart from this, he has received some negative comments and tweets on his social media profiles.

Incidentally, it is not the first time Trivago has promoted their brand with a commoner vibe.  In the US, the travel brand started it with a certain Tim Williams; his dishevelled appearance and laugh-worthy demeanor made the brand famous, and made him an overnight star. The idea was replicated in the French and Spanish version of Trivago; and now we are witnessing the same phenomenon in India.

 Abhinav Kumar’s tardy appearance and his style of dialogue delivery as he mouths, ‘Kya kabhi aapne online hotel search kiya’ has worked wonders for the brand and him. He is now in the same pedestal as the ‘love me, hate me, but you can’t ignore me’  Airtel girl Sasha Chettri.  While Sasha is trolled for a ‘know it all’ and ‘irritably omnipresent aura’ (check out Airtel girl Sasha Chettri jokes),  Abhinav Kumar is trolled for his lethargic dress sense and funny style of speaking. But the fact remains, Abhinav Kumar is soaring new heights of popularity  as he takes Trivago to a ‘brand’ new journey.

Tim Williams – The Trivago guy from US

Trivago Guy – Jokes

Main tera boyfriend tu meri girlfriend oh menu kendi “Dusron ko bolte rehte ho..Tum kab online hotel search kroge”


Trivago guy : kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai .. ??
Me:nhi dost ke pas flat hai …


JAGGA JASOOS – Mere Tutti Futti (Papa) Nahi Mil Rahe. Pata Nahi Duniya Ke konse Konse Mein Reh Rahe Honge
Trivago guy- Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai .. ??


Airtel girl: “Airtel ke fastest 4G network ka maza..” *Trivago Guy interrupts* “..Lete hue online hotel search kiya hai?”


Honey singh:- Ghar pe chalna hain, ke pehle jayegi club?
Trivago Guy:- Ki kabhi aapne online hotel search kiya hain?


Airtel 4G girl marries Trivago guy. Unke bachche ke first words – *Kya aapne kabhi Airtel 4G se online hotel search Kiya hai?”

Trivago Guy – Memes

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