Meet the ‘Sairat’ Actor – Akash Thosar

Akash Thosar is the latest heart throb of the Marathi film industry. He came to the limelight by playing the character of “Parashya” in the movie “Sairat”. The story revolves around the love story of a rich high caste girl and a low-caste man. The film has become a block buster and is loved by one and all, including the Non-Marathi speaking people.  Sairat is hailed as the biggest blockbuster in Marathi history and has got a thumbs-up by Bollywood stars including Aamir Khan.

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Early Life and Career

Akash Thosar was born on 23rd February 1993 in Karmala, Solapur in Maharashtra.  He studied in Shri Shivaji Vidya Mandir & Jr. College in Aundh and earned his bachelor’s degree. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Arts from Pune University.

Before joining the film industry, Akash was a wrestler.  His talent was first spotted by Bharat Manjule, the brother of director of the movie “Sairat”. Meanwhile, Nagraj Manjule, the director of the movie Sairat, was looking for some fresh faces for the lead pair of his movie. Bharat gave the photographs of Akash to Nagraj Manjule.

Akash soon received a call to appear for an audition.  After giving the audition, Akash thought that he might get the chance to play a side role in the movie. But he was overwhelmed when he was selected to play the lead role.  With his exceptional performance, he has won the appreciation from the media as well as from the masses.

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Unlike his co-star Rinku Rajguru,  the 5 feet 7 inch tall Akash Thosar wouldn’t mind choosing acting as his career.  The overnight sensation says that he is yet to come to terms with the sudden fame.  The soft-spoken boys says, “I am still trying to understand what has happened to my life.”

He adds that the only connection he had with films, was watching them “No one in my family is remotely connected to cinema.  My father works as a land contractor. I was studying at Pune when Sairat happened.“ he says.

 Being overwhelmed by the success of Sairat

While Akash Thosar has been praised for his acting, he says,”I knew nothing about acting. I have a lot to learn. Rinku and I stayed at Nagraj ji’s house with his family as we prepared for our roles. He treated us like his family members.”

Akash admits that he cannot step out of his home without people accosting him.  He says that he has hardly got time to meet his friends after the release of the film, because he and the rest of Sairat team were promoting the film. The shy boy says, “Earlier, I could hardly speak a few words to strangers but I am quite comfortable with the company of the ones that I am not familiar with.”

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akash thosar photo

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