Meet the Bigg Boss 9 Contestant – Ankit Gera

Ankit Gera is one of the Bigg Boss 9 contestants. A familiar face in television, he has made it big with his charisma and good camera presence.  The actor born on 1st September 1987 in New Delhi, came to Mumbai after finishing his studies to pursue a career in acting and hit the bull’s eye. His first TV serial was the show ‘Mahi Way’ in 2009. The 5 feet 10 inch tall actor has done many others serial which include Pratigya, Sapne Suhane Ladak Pan Ke  and Maharakshadevi.

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Ankit Gera ‘s girlfriends – Adaa Khan and Roopal Tyagi

ankit gera adaa khan pictures

The actress managed to serenade actresses Adaa Khan and Roopal Tyagi, two timing both of them, according to reports.  Known for his fascination  with women older than him, he was reportedly dating Monika Sambhyaal,  who played his mother in Pratigya.  He went on to date Adaa Khan (Amrita Manthan actress). After he proposed her, the two went on romantic dates. Adaa’s mother (now deceased) was not in favor of her daughter falling for Ankit. It later emerged that Ankit was two-timing her with his co-actor Roopal Tyagi.  Of course, even Roopal couldn’t get over the fact that he was two-timing her with Adaa Khan.

Ankit Gera – Pictures


anki t gera pictures
ankit gera photo

ankit gera pictures

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