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Zubair Khan is an Indian film director and the owner of a production house known as ‘Garbage.’ He is however most famous for his underworlds connections.

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On 30th September, 2017, Khan was selected as a contestant on the reality TV show Bigg Boss season 11 which airs on Colors TV. Since he has links with the underworld, the audience will be intrigued about his behavior on the show’s sets. When Monica Bedi, the girlfriend of dreaded gangster Abu Salem, was on the show as a contestant a few years ago, she became a popular figure with the viewers. Thus, it will be interesting to see whether or not Zubair achieves the same level of popularity.

Zubair Khan was born in 1978. As per reports in social media, Khan has also been an executive producer for Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms. In 2013, he directed a B-grade film called Lakeer Ke Fakeer.


Zubair Khan – Haseena Parker Dawood Connection

Khan is married to the daughter of Haseena Parkar, the sister of Dawood Ibrahim. The Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘Haseena Parkar’ which released in September 2017 was based on the life of Dawood’s sister. Haseena ran the underworld business in Mumbai after Dawood fled from India post the 1993 bomb blasts in the Mumbai.

Khan has denied that he has any connections with Dawood or the criminal underworld. He states that he left his connection with Dawood and the underworld a long time ago. Now his life is limited to just filmmaking which he has being doing for the past 15 years. He confirmed that the movie ‘Haseena Parkar’ was made under the banner of his production house.

Time and again, Khan has asked people to identify him on the basis of the work done by him. He has stated that his familial links to Ibrahim cost him adversely and hence he will be using the platform of Bigg Boss show to alter the perception that people have about him. Zubair also lamented that all the investors, buyers, and other people backed out from supporting many of his film projects after getting to know that he was related to Ibrahim. Hence, he finds the show a good opportunity to undo the incorrect perspective of people and make a statement that they need not be scared of working with him.

Hospitalized in the Bigg Boss House (reason)

In the initial days of Bigg Boss 11,  Zubair Khan proved to be a nuisance in the house, using bad language against contestants. This didn’t go well with Salman Khan, the host who gave a piece of mind to all contestants including Zubair. He told Zubair that he had come to the house to show a good image to his children. In the house, Salman said, Zubair was tarnishing his image to deplorable depths. Zubair is believed to have consumed a few pills due to which he needed emergency medical help and was hospitalized.

Zubair Khan – Wife and Children

Zubair Khan is said to be married to Qudsia, Haseena Parker’s daughter.  He claims to have two children from her. On  the inaugural episode of Bigg Boss, Khan gave an emotional discourse of how he had been tortured by his in-laws and separated from his three children. He said that he was doing the show, because he knew that his wife and kids watched Bigg Boss, and he wanted his children to know that their dad was a good guy.  Zubair Khan has a son, Muhammad  Ali, a daughter Maria and a son  Mikail.

Sameer Antulay, a member of the Dawood family and a movie producer levelled legal charges against Zubair Khan, saying that the latter was a fraud and had no connections to either the Dawood or Parker family.


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