Know Zarine Khan Better!

Zarine Khan is a popular Bollywood actress who has worked in quite a few Hindi, Tamil and Punjabi movies.   Once known to be a Katrina Kaif lookalike, Zarine Khan has carved a niche of her own and has made her presence felt. She was born on May 14, 1987 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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She debuted in 2010 with the Anil Sharma-directed flop period movie ‘Veer’ in which she co-starred with Salman Khan, who played the protagonist.   Though the movie tanked, her screen presence was worth taking note of. She then gained more prominence with her item number ‘Character Dheela’ in Ready (2011). Zarine Khan has a hit with an ensemble cast in the movie ‘Housefull 2’ (2012). She created the right waves with her provocative roles in the adult thriller ‘Hate Story 3’ (2015).

Zarine Khan hot


South Indian movies

Zarine Khan debuted in a Tamil movie called Naan Rajavaga Pogiren, where she did an item number called ‘Malgove’.

Punjabi Movies

Zarine Khan acted in a Punjabi movie called ‘Jatt James Bond’, a romantic thriller.

Upcoming Movies

Her upcoming Bollywood movies include The Legend of Michael Mishra and Amar Must Die. While the first one is a comedy, the latter is a suspense thriller. She has also been signed to play the lead role in Partner 2. She will be seen in a Tamil movie called ‘Karikala’ where she plays the Velir Princess, opposite actor Vikram. Zarine Khan has also signed a Punjabi movie called ‘My Religion’ with Arjan Bajwa.

Zarine Khan without Makeup

Zarine Khan without makeup

She is one of the most naturally beautiful actress blessed with a porcelain skin.  Her flawless skin tone is one of the highlights of her personality.

Zarine Khan as Karina Kaif Look-Alike

katrina kaif zarine khan look-alike

Zarine Khan says that at one point she felt flattered to be a Katrina Kaif lookalike but felt that the joke had gone too far because people started making a mockery out of it. She recalls, ‘Once I was hospitalized and the RJ went on to say it is not Zarine Khan who is the hospital but Katrina, as she has been working really hard. The fact is I was in the hospital and I was not funny. Also, it is unfair to compare me to Katrina Kaif because she is my senior, not by age which is not such a big difference really; but by the amount of work she has done. These done, people are comparing  Elli Avram to me, but I think everyone is unique,”

Why she is happy being worth the weight

zarine khan young fat photo

zarine khan hot pictures

The actress is looking delightfully voluptuous in Hate Story 3. The actress admits that she was quite fat when she had entered Bollywood. She says, “I have lost 45 kg since the time I joined Bollywood. The weight has not been removed through an artificial procedure but through exercises and workouts. I am really happy with my curvy body. Indian men love their women curvy, be it Sonakshi Sinha or Vidya Balan, they may not have the perfect figure but they are certainly desirable.

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