Know Rishabh Sinha (Bigg Boss 9 Wild Card Entry) Better

Rishabh Sinha is the first wild card entry on Bigg Boss Season 9. Known to be witty, charming and aggressive, he is quite the right person needed to lift the show from its tepid flow. He was born on Gurgaon on January 29, 1988 and had his first slice of fame with MTV Splitsvilla (Season 5). He became a popular name with the hit serial Qubool Hai on Zee TV, where he played the role of Aryan.

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What went wrong with Rishabh Sinha and Dingangana?

Rishabh and Dingangana have an old axe to grind since their Qubool Hai Days. Digangangana actually played his sister in the TV show. According to reports, she was involved in arguments with the rest of the actors in the show. One of the arguments turned out to be so big that the police had to be intervened. Apparently, she had a huge showdown with Rishabh and the producers decided that it would be wise to do the show without Digangana.

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Digangana gave her version saying that Rishabh would distract her from studying on the sets for her Algebra exam, by talking loudly on the phone When she had told to lower his voice, he had abused her.  To which Rishabh says,”Digangana is a loose cannon and a fake person. Her mother says that her daughter takes bath in milk . Come on, who does that?”

Rishabh Sinha on Bigg Boss 9

rishabh sinha body shirtless photo

Rishabh Sinha body shirtless Splitsvilla

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The 5 feet 5 inch tall actor known for his stylish dressing sense and trademark lines is sure to win the junta’s hearts. Rishabh apparently has made it clear that he does not like Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt in the show. He says, “Mandana is actually the only real person in the house who talk straight on the face and the rest of them are all back-biters. I am going to expose them all in the show. Salman may take my case in the weekends but I really do not care.”

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