Jimikki Kammal – The ‘Despacito’ of India

Everyone is tripping over Jimikki Kamal, the most viral song of India for the year 2017. The song is so addictive that it has enraptured listeners and viewers across the country, even though most non-Malayalis may not understand the meaning of the lyrics. The danceable song has even caught the fancy of the American talk show host, who went on to Jimmy Kimmel, who went on to endorse the song.

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Jimikki Kamal is a part of the movie ‘Velipadinte Pusthakam’ ( The Book of  Revelation) starring  Mohanlal. Though the movie released on August 31, 2017 and met with a  below average, the song turned out to be an anthem of the nation.  This is quite an irony in today’s times especially in Bollywood, where songs fizzle out in a matter of days.

The music of Jimikki Kamal is composed by Shaan Rahman and is sung by Vineet Sreenivasan.  Just before Onam, a bunch of college students came out with their own dance version of Jimikki Kammmal; the video went out to be a huge hit garnering 5 million YouTube views. The original song has 18 million views at the last count (September 20, 2017)

Yes,  Jimikki Kammal is the Despacito of India!


Entammede Jimikki Kammal Meaning

The three words roughly translates as ‘ My mother’s earnings’

 Jimikki Kammal – Lyrics Meaning  (English Translation_

Entammede jimikki kammal
Entappan kattondu poye!
Entappante brandy kuppi
Entamma kudichu theerthe!)

My mother’s jingling ear-rings!

My father stole and off he went

So,  she took his brandy bottle,

And gulped it all up!

(Ividoru chakarayum
Velakaleem othu vannapol,

Chilarude thorthu keeri
Poya karyam orthupokave)


With a rich harvest and dance of warrior coming together,

We thought of the time, when some people’s towels got ripped

(Alakale kattine nee
Kaathu kuthan paadu pedenda

Sadachara, senapathi, veera

Don’t even try to pierce the ears of a raging sea breeze
You brave commander of the ‘moral army’ and obsessive lover!

(Chemmeen chadiyal muttolam
Pinnem chadiyal chattiyolam

Chumma oothaan nokkathe
Thaayam kalikkan nikkathe)

If a shrimp tries to jump up, it reaches knee high

If it tries again,  it falls into a cooking pot

Don’t try to take us for a ride

Don’t try your sly move

 (Vattam chuttichorellam
Vatta poojyam polaaye

Vettam kaanaan kothiyaaye
Vettathirangan madiyaaye)

Those who tried to move us around

Ended up going into circles (zeroes)

Full of longing to see the light

But sheepish to see the sun

. (Kalivesham poyeda
Ini vesham mareda

Malayaattoor palliyil oru
Kurishum koda neram)

The mask has slipped off your face

Go deck up for a new role

(Malapole vannathu
Elipole paanjeda
Channam pinnam chellam
Mazha podikkunnu podiyoothakale)

You came in raging as a mountain but scampered away like a mouse

Pitter-patter falls the rain, as the dirt disappears

Jimikki Kammal – Video

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  1. your translations are not completed so translate the this as well “Malayaattoor palliyil oru
    Kurishum koda neram

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