Jiah Khan went through abortion

Jiah Khan’s mother has alleged that her daughter had aborted Suraj’s child.  She said that Jiah’s hairstylist Maneka Harsingham revealed this to her, three days after she passed away.

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Jiah’s mother is firm in her allegation that Suraj was involved in driving the actress towards suicide.  “Just before she committed suicide, she met Suraj. I suspect he hit her on the face. I’ve asked the polie to investigate if the injury on her face is because of this. While returning home that night, it can be seen in the CCTV that she was determined to kill herself,” said the distraught Rabiya.

Jiah’s relative added,  “Maneka told us that Jiah had confided in her that Suraj had got her pregn­ant. The abortion took place in a hospital in Mum­bai. She became dehydrated after that, and also stopped eating. We will be  alleging abetment against him.”

She said, “We also have BlackBerry and Whatsapp messages sent by Jiah to her sisters, which prove Suraj was harassing her.”

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