Jiah Khan was abused and tortured by Suraj Pancholi

Jiah Khan’s mother has said that Suraj Pancholi had abused, tortured and raped her daughter, so much that she went into depression and committed suicide.

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Rabiya Khan has made public a copy of Jiah Khan’s suicide note. She has said that the cause of Jiah Khan’s death was not depression but her boyfriend Suraj, who compelled her to commit suicide.  Rabiya in her written statement, said,

“It happened only because of the trauma and abuse she (had) suffered at the hands of Suraj Pancholi and his father Aditya Pancholi.”

Jiah’s mother claimed that she found the note when she was cleaning her late daughter’s cupboard on June 6. In fact,  Jiah’s sister, allegedly, discovered the note.  Jiah has mentioned in the suicide note that she was raped, abused and tortured in a way that she didn’t deserve. She even wrote about how she had lavishly spent money on him but he cheated on her.  The police are still investigating the case.

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