Jiah Khan Childhood pics – Twitter Pictures of her Family

Jiah Khan loved to post her childhood pictures on Twitter. Last October, she posted a picture of hers with her mother Rabbiya Khan tweeting,  “flashback! mummy and I!!!”

In  the same month, Jiah posted an infant picture of hers with her mom, tweeting, “me and mummy! lol! i seem to have a pout!”

Jiah Khan posted a profile picture of hers with her mom. She tweeted, “Here a peek at me when I was 5…and my gorgeous madre!!!”

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A grainy picture uploaded by Jiah Khan showed her posing with her sisters.

 Jiah Khan posted a recent picture on Twitter with her mother Rabbiya Khan. Rabbiya was developing a feature film based on tiger poaching in India.

 Jiah Khan posted a cute picture of her tending to her pet dog Julian

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  1. A Tragic end, says how stressful Bollywood can really be for those struggling to make a mark-May her soul rest in peace, and let the younger generation realize that suicide is not an answer to a challenge posed by life-stay with the "problem" and you will eventually have success. Suicide is creating another problem for all those who loved you.

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