Inside Edge (Review) – Worth Watching or No?

Inside Edge is the first original web series on Amazon Prime Video.  Season 1 has 10 episodes, each with a running time of 40 to 47 minutes. The series is produced by Amazon Studios and Excel Entertainment (Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani).  Season 1 released on July 10, 2017 and met with a stupendous response.

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Cast of Inside Edge

Vivek Anand Oberoi as  Vikrant Dhawn, owner of popular sports management companies and owner of Mumbai Mavericks.

Richa Chadda as Zarina Malik, erstwhile Bollywood actress and co-owner, Mumbai Mavericks

Anand Bedi as Arvind Vashisht, current captain of Mumbai Mavericks, and ex-Indian International cricket player

Tanuj Virani – Vayu Raghavan, star player of Mavericks, with oodles of arrogance

Sarah-Jane Dias – Meera Nagpal, ex-girlfriend of Vayu and a journalist

Siddhant Chaturvedi – Prashant Kanojia , promising fast bowler hailing from a lower-caste, determined to make it big in Mumbai Mavericks

Alexx O’Nell  as Craig Liter, vice-captain of Mumbai Mavericks

Edward Sonnenblick as Hamish McCall

Sanjay Suri  as Niranjan, coach of Mumbai Mavericks

Amit Sial as Devendra Mishra

Manu Rishi – rich businessman and co-owner of Haryana Hurricanes.

Sayani Gupta – Rohini, the team analyst

Story of Inside Edge (Episode-wise Plots – No Spoilers)

Episode 1 –  Zarina Malik, co-owner of Mumbai Mavericks has limited time to choose a new financial partner or lose the team. Meanwhile, the team has a new promising recruit Prashant Kanojia, who get his first taste of the rich, notorious, obnoxious world of the PPL (Power Play League)

Episode 2 – While Prashant manages his best to fit in the team, the hot-headed, arrogant star Vayu finds himself in a soup, as he has to take tough decisions on his career and personal life.  Meanwhile Zarina finds a partner for her team in the form of Vikrant Dhawan.


Episode 3 –  The team goes to Chennai to take on their arch competitors, hostile fan sentiments are at their peak.  A mysterious person pays a close watch on the team.

Episode 4 —  Arvind has mounting problems to deal with. Dhawan is happy to see hi master plan take form.

Episode 5 –  Prashant focusses hard on his game; Vayu is caught in a vortex of pressure with the media and love-life. Coach Suri confronts an unpleasant past.

Episode 6–  Mavericks take on Hurricanes. Dhawan is pleased to see his grand idea going the way he wanted.

Episode 7 – Arvind, Prashant, Vayu and Zarina deal with their own devils.  There is mounting pressure on the team and it is evident that one or may would crumble.

Episode 8

Dhawan goes into damage control mode as secrets tumble out of the closet.

Episode 9

Zarina has an advisor at her doorstep.  It is now or never for Vayu.

Episode 10

The finals  of the Power Play League is here. But the bigger game is at stake. Who will walk away wqith the glory?


 Inside Edge Review

Written and directed by Karun Anshuman, this is a thrilling, gritty web series revolving around the sinister world of a fictional T-20 cricket team.  The series looks straight out of a Harold Robbins thriller, the difference is that we are dealing with cricket instead of a movie.

The series is a no-holds barred look on the murky, scandalous world of franchise-owned T-20 cricket teams.  Everything from match-fixing to sleeping with cheer leaders,  from coercion  to mysterious deaths, Inside Edge does not wince as it gives viewers an uncompromised look on cricketing scandals.

Inside Edge draws parallel to numerous real life incidents in cricket matches from the match-fixing scandals of Hansie Cronje and Mohd Azharuddin and the mysterious death of Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer  in 2007, and the IPL spot fixing in 2013.

Free from torturous censorship rampant on Indian television, writer-director Karan Anshuman brings in oodles of realism in screenplay and dialogue, exposing the nefarious world of T-20 cricket, Bollywood and all the jazz that goes with it.

Full marks to the characterization and plot development, as well.  Inside Edge boasts of a nifty ensemble cast, smart editing and tactical cliff hangers that is sure to make you hooked to the next episode.


Everyone is at the top of their game here, but the pick of the lot is Tanuj Virwani as the hot-headed Vayu and Siddhant Chaturvedi as the aspiring player, Prashant.  Vivek Oberoi,  Angad Bedi, Richa Chadha,  Sanjay Suri, Angad Bedi, Sayani Gupta, Sarah-Jane Dias and the rest of the cast impress too.

Is Inside Edge worth watching?

Inside Edge is a commendable uplift from the cliched, fake Saans-Bahu torture that is rampant on Indian television.  It is also the right shot in the arm for audiences that were craving for some no-holds barred entertainment that would match American shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix

Watch Inside Edge by joining Amazon Prime on mobile device, or watch it on your TV by connecting the Amazon Fire TV stick.

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