Indrani Mukerjea and the Sheena Bora Case – Arranging the Complex Pieces

The high-profile Sheena Bora murder case has singularly held media attention like no other in recent years. The case blows up the lid of cover-ups and plays out sensationally like a soap-opera mired with deceit and murkier relationships. The only difference is that the fact in this case, truly seems more twisted than fiction.

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Indrani Mukerjea – Real Name, Fame and Education

indrani mukherjea pictures

Indrani Mukerjea, was known to the world as HR consultant, the ex- CEO of INX Media and wife of Peter Mukerjea, till she was charged in August 2015, with the sinister plot of killing her own daughter, Sheena Bora; whom she had passed off as her younger sister throughout years.

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In the year 2007, Indrani along with her husband co-founded INX Media. She became the CEO of the company. In 2008, The Wall Street Journal named Indrani as one of the 50 women to watch. By 2009, the company was running into losses and Mukherjeas resigned from their management positions. In 2010, they sold their stake and in 2011, they resigned from the positions as the board of directors of the company. Her current residence is believed to be at Bristol, United Kingdom.

Indrani Mukerjea was born by the name Pori Bora in the year 1967 in Guwahati, Assam, where she spent most of her childhood. She completed her schooling at Assam only and then moved to Shillong. She pursued her higher education at Lady Keane College.

Indrani Mukerjea - House

Indrani Mukerjea – House

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Indrani Mukherjea and her affairs

It is said that someone by the name Bishnu Prasad Choudhury dated Indrani sometime around 1986-87 for three to four months because of which she had to leave Cotton College and joined Lady Keane College in Shillong. Her date of birth was deciphered on the basis of the year in which she attended college which was 1986. The neighbors claimed that she ran away from home with her boyfriend when she was in college which compelled her parents to bring her back home and make her join Lady Keane College.

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Pori Bora aka Indrani Mukerjea gave birth to two children, Sheena Bora in 1989 and Mikhail Bora in 1990 but these two children used the surname ‘Bora’ which was also Indrani’s maiden name. In the birth certificate of these children, it is mentioned that they are children of Upendra Kumar Bora and Durga Rani Bora who were Indrani’s biological parents. Therefore, Indrani later repeatedly refers to her two children as her siblings. Till this date, one is still hazy about who he biological father of these two children really is.

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However, recently, during investigation a source revealed that Indrani broke down during the investigation of Sheena Bora murder case and said that her step father molested her when she was around 17 and Sheena as well as Mikhail are Indrani’s and his step father’s children. Apparently, Indrani’s biological father walked out on her mother when she was little after which her mother remarried her husband’s brother.

The rumours about her affairs during her college days are not clear and many believe that Mikhail and Sheena could be Indrani and her lover Siddharth Das’ children. According to some reports, the couple even got married but some believe they just had an affair for some time. Das also acknowledged that he did not marry Indrani, and that they lived-in together. He has stated on record he is the biological father of the two children.

sheena bora father sidhartha das

There are few who also believe that Indrani had a brief affair with another businessman Chirag who hails from Shillong. Chirag was not established and he was jobless which ultimately broke the couple off.

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indrani mukerjea pictures photos indrani mukerjea pictures hot indrani mukerjea pictures

One may not be too sure about Das’ claim that he is the father of Michail because there are reports that Indrani lived in with a Kolkata-based businessman in the early 90s, when she had just moved into the city. Indrani studied computers in the city and lived as a paying guest. The man of immense clout, who is now in his 60s, took fancy to Indrani and introduced her to the social circuit of the high and mighty in Kolkata.

The reason for this businessman’s split with Indrani was because his wife took offence to his relationship with Indrani. This businessman had a closely-knit circle of friends; one of them was Sanjeev Khanna.

Sanjeev and Indrani eventually fell in love and got married in 1993; they had a daughter called Vidhie in 1997. Even after her marriage to Sanjeev, Indrani continued meeting this businessman who helped her shift to Mumbai in early 2001 and even set up the HR company, she had founded in Kolkata. Mikhail’s uncanny resemblance to this businessman has given rise to speculations if he is the offspring of that businessman. Also,  Siddhartha’s mother has stated that she does not know Mikhail being his son, even though she acknowledged Sheena Bora.

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Indrani and Sanjeev thought it was best to separate in 2001. As she was awaiting her divorce in 2002, Alque Padamsee introduced the then 45 year old Peter (real name Pratim) Mukerjea, to Indrani, who was then 35. The marriage was a private ceremony in a common friend Suhel Seth’s garden house in Delhi. Indrani brought in her daughter Vidhie with her and she took on the Mukerjea name. Peter has two sons from his previous marriage with Shabnam Mukherjea, Robin and Rahul.

Indrani Mukejea's husband Sanjeev Khanna

Indrani Mukejea’s husband Sanjeev Khanna

 indrani mukerjea husband peter indrani mukerjea peter

In 2005, Indrani introduced Sheena and Mikhail Bora from her previous relationships as her siblings. Sheena arrived in Mumbai the following year and took admission in St.Xavier’s College

Indrani Mukerjea – Family Tree (Pictures)

indrani mukerjea family tree photo

indrani mukerjea family tree

Sheena Bora and the ‘Forged’ Birth Certificate

Though it is said that Sheena Bora was born on February 11, 1987, her recently procured birth certificate states Date of Birth as February 11, 1989. The documents show her grandparents as parents. The birth certificate reveals Upendra Kumar Bora  and Durga Rani (Indrani’s father and mother) as the parents of Sheena. The admit card for Board of Secondary Education, Guwahati shows her school leaving examination date as March 3, 2004.In this document also, she is listed as the daughter of Upendra. In all likelihood, it is believed that the documents were forged.

The Disappearance of Sheena Bora and Subsequent Investigations

Sheena Bora was an executive who was working for Mumbai Metro One. She got her Bachelor of Arts Degree from St. Xavier’s College. She met Rahul Mukherjea, son of Peter Mukherjea and in 2009; both of them started living together. Allegedly Indrani was not in favor of the relationship. Sheena apparently took leave on 24th April 2012 and she was never found again.

In August 2015, the police grilled Indrani Mukerjea’s driver about an unlicensed gun he was carrying. The cops were shocked to know that his boss was instrumental in killing her own daughter, and burning it later in the Raigad forest (Gadode) in May 2012. The Mumbai swung into action and immediately arrested Indrani Mukerjea, Sanjev Khanna and Indrani’s driver Shamwar Pinturam Rai and took them for questioning.

After Sheena’s disappearance, Rahul tried to file a missing person’s complaint and so did Mikhail. Rahul even tried confronting Indrani at her Worli residence and sent cops at the residence but the policemen were informed that she was not in India by the staff. Later when Indrani returned to India, she went to Worli police station and informed that Rahul was stalking Sheena so she had to move to US without informing him.

Vidhie Mukherjea

Vidhie Mukherjea

Investigations show that Indrani posed as Sheena and answered her calls after April 2012. She did not pick up Rahul’s calls and just messaged him that she wanted to break off all ties with him. She had also impersonated as Sheena and told her employer that she was quitting the job and going abroad. The police has stated when the office asked her to send a resignation letter, Indrani asked her staffer to do so and have the signature forged.

indrani mukerjea text message

The text message..

Sheena Bora

Sheena Bora

Interestingly, Sheena Bora’s LinkedIn profile was active till around August 17, 2015. Her brother Mikhail is sent to have sent his sister’s resignation letter to her employer two weeks after her death. Mikhail also sent a letter to the landlord canceling the lease of his sister’s apartment. The police state that Mikhail and Sheena were confidantes and trusted each other totally. He was privy to her social media account passwords. Mikhail states that his mother would keep on some excuse of the other saying that his sister was in the rehab and later, that a marriage was being planned for her.

Mikhail claims that he and his sister Sheena, who lived their childhood in Assam , grew up with the idea that they did not have any mother. Only in 2004, did they come to know about the reality. When they wrote into their mother, she accepted the fact but told them that they should not utter a word about them being her children in front of the world. She said that she would give them an identity of her sibling and would provide for monetary compensation every month

Mikhail has stated that his mother Indrani would always ask him to call her ‘didi’ (elder sister) publicly. He said that she would send him Rs.12000 every month. He adds that considering his addiction to substance abuse in the past, his mother had even sent him to a psychiatrist and had a fake certificate issued. But the most startling revelation is that a contract killer was given Rs. 2.5 lakhs to have him eliminated. Mikhail had stated this mother had tried to kill him thrice. He claims that before Sheena was killed on April 24, 2012, his mother had visited him in Guwahati and tried to spike his drink. He added that on the day, he was murdered, Sheena had again attempted to spike his drink but he had managed to escape.

Reports indicate that on the fateful night of April 24, 2012; Sheena was stopped near National College by a car which had driver Shyamvar Rai on the driving-seat and Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna seated behind. Though Sheena was adamant about not getting inside the car, she was dragged inside and strangulated by Sanjeev.

Although dead, she was kept in a seated position, as they drove all the way to Pen to dump the body. The police say that this strategy was adopted to mislead police during the ‘nakkabandi’. In this situation, anyway, the police tends to check the vehicle rather than passengers inside. And even, if they did, the sitting position of Sheena wouldn’t have raised any suspicion.

Her body was later taken to village Gagode in Pen tehsil, Raigad where it was set ablaze. The villagers informed the police when they got a foul smell and then the remains of the body was discovered.

Sheena Bora Murder Case – Motive

indrani mukerjea sheena bora

It is said that Indrani was becoming uncomfortable with Sheena’s involvement with Rahul and she feared that Sheena would expose her lies about her previous marriages and the fact that she even has children from her previous marriage; to Peter which in turn will make him exclude her from his property share and divorce her. Being ostracized from her wealthy social circuit was also a sore point.

Sheena, allegedly, received about 300 crore in her account from Indrani because the latter wanted to avoid tax problems. Reports say that Sheena had blackmailed Indrani saying that she will come out with the truth, and once she marries Rahul, the 300 crore will permanently belong to her.   Sanjeev Khanna in his version has stated that Indrani brainwashed her saying that Mikhail and Sheena were out to kill his daughter Vidhie. He said that he regretted his action after he realized that the children harbored no such intentions.

Sheena even tried telling Peter the truth about her identity but he was pacified by Indrani who refuted all the allegations made to her by Sheena.

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