How did Kashibai Die?

Kashibai was the first lawfully wedded wife of the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I.  She was a beautiful and soft spoken lady. Bajirao treated her with respect and love. Kashibai had a great  bonding with her mother in law and sister in laws.

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Kashibai was the offspring of Mahadji Krishna Joshi and Shiubai.  The name of her brother was Krishnarao Chaskar.

Kashibai was totally devoted to her husband. They  had three sons named, Balaji Bajirao (who went on to become Peshwa Nanasaheb), Raghunath Rao and Janardan Rao. A soft-spoken but strong-willed lady, she was known for her social nature. She

Meanwhile, Bajirao married Mastani, the daughter of a Hindu king and a Muslim lady. The couple had a son named Samsher bahadur ( Krisna Rao). They wanted their son to be accepted as a Brahmin. But Samsher  was raised as a Muslim, due to the pressure of the Brahmin society.

Kashibai was ready to grant Mastani, but she could not act against her in-laws who never accepted the half Muslim girl. Besides, as an 18th century woman, she did not have a voice in important matters.  At the same time, she did not have any malice against any one, including Mastani.

After the death of Bajirao and Mastani,  she took care of their son Shamsher Bahdur. Kashibai became more religious after the death of the Peshwa. There are no historical documents available  on her death. It is assumed that she had a natural death.

Kashibai – Picture

kashibai real photo

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