Freedom 251 Memes and Trolls

Freedom 251  had the world sitting up and notice,  after all, it is the cheapest smartphone ever, at an eye-brow raising cost of $3 (Rs. 251). While many rushed to book their phones by waking up early in the allotted days to book the phone, others were not so lucky because of too much traffic on the site.  There are opinions that Freedom 251 is a fraud scam,  but the makers have denied any dubious motive.

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The Noida-based company Ringing Bells that is manufacturing and marketing these phones have already started refunding money to people.  The director Mohit Goel said, “There was a lot of negativity around, so we have decided to take money only after we deliver the phone. We are refunding money to those who paid and will include an option of cash on delivery.”  He added, ” We have investors to back our project. We have a business model that justifies the price.  I don’t want to disclose it in entirety at this juncture.” The delivery of Freedom 251 smartphone is supposed to take place in April 2016.

 Meanwhile, Freedom 251 memes and trolls continue to ride the waves, as a reflection of the popularity and controversy surrounding the smartphone. Here are some of our picks.

Freedom 251 – Memes and Trolls


tumblr_m6v1v1ekGl1r86ls0o1_1280  freedom 251


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