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Kangana Ranaut’s performance in Queen is termed as a landmark act.  As much as she get the credit, she would love to share with her friends, the foreign actors who raised the bar in the second half of the film with their memorable performances. Let us know more about them

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1.    Mish Boyko –  The  lanky lad, who plays the Russian character Alexander(Sikander), is none other than Miss Boyko. This fine actor  is from Midland and is now based in London.  He earned a lot of fans for his performance and his Twitter and Facebook base is clearly on the rise.  In the movie, Mish Boyko has a secret crush for Rani(Kangana Ranaut’s character). Mish Boyko has also acted in a few other projects like Wrist (2010),  Waterloo Road(TV series),  The Burn (a short film),  D is for Detroit and of course, Queen. His Twitter handle is @ MishBoyko


2.    Jeffrey Ho – He won hearts with the role of  ‘Taka’ the Japanese boy with a playful charm. Rani(Kangana Ranaut) bonds really well with Jeffrey’s character.  The talented actor debuted with this film.  Jeffrey Chee Eng Ho is a Malaysian born Chinese actor, now living in London. He studied and graduated from the London School of Dramatics. The actor loves to attend more theater workshop to fine-tune his craft. Jeffrey Ho is a musician, dancer, singer and is equally adept at sports. He is available on Twitter @actorjeffreyho


3.     Guitobh Thomas – The dark-complexioned who plays the French guy Tim, is indeed, French. Kangana struck great friendship, the camaraderie carried on from the time the two met in Paris to Amsteredam, where everyone in the unit, bonded together. Kangana has even met his wife Caroline, and when Guitobh and his wife Caroline traveled to India, Kangana played the perfect host.


4.    Marco Candea– The charming Italian restaurant owner, whom Kangana has a crush for, is Marco Candea.   Kangana surprised him, the audience and even herself by kissing him but she did it for the sake of India. Lucky Marco, while accepting that Indians do kiss well, has also done a couple of films including Crush (2013) and  Scotchend(2014). He is also based in London. His Twitter handle is @MarcoCanadea.

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