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Elli Evram, one of the hottest contestants in Bigg Boss7, is an acclaimed dancer and theater actor. At the age of 24, she is quite an accomplished talent; known to have charmed people across the world with her dancing skills.  She also debuts in a Bollywood movie called ‘Mickey Virus’ opposite Manish Paul.

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Elli Evram, age 23; who was born in German, is half-Swedish too.There have been many foreign female celebrities who have graced Bigg Boss in the past like Claudia Ciesla, Vida Samadjzai and Sunny Leone. All the three have furthered their careers in India, it remains to be seen how far Bigg Boss 7 takes the sizzling Elie Evram.

Elli’s star-sign is Leo. Few people know that she is the daughter of the famous Swedish actress Maria Granlund.Maria had acted in an Oscar winning movie called ‘ Fanny and Alexander’. Elie’s favorite forms of dances are ballet, Bollywood, belly dance, Bharatnatyam, modern dance, jazz and kathak. She has been in India since childhood and has always had a deep-rooted connection for India.

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