Eight Most Haunted Places in India

Here is the list of the spookiest, haunted places in India –

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bhangarh fort haunted place india

When we are going to talk about the ‘most haunted places of India’ we must put a place at the beginning that is claimed to be ‘haunted’ by the ASI or Archaeological Survey of India! Yes, we are talking about the Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan. As per the story, a magician fell for the princess of the state and on being refused by the princess, planned to cast a spell on her. After knowing the intention of the magician, the princess hunted down a way to kill him. At his death bed the magician cast a spell on the village. Entering this place after sunset is strictly prohibited by the Indian Government.

Shaniwarwada Fort haunted

At the second place we have the Shaniwarwada Fort situated in Pune. It is heard that this place witnesses the spookiest and worst paranormal activities on the moonlit nights. Accordingto the people in this locality, a young price was brutally killed within the fort premises. The boy was struggled to death and his spirit never left the place. It is said that the painful shouts of the young prince can be heard even today! That is the reason that the fort area is deserted at night.

dumas beach surat haunted

At number three we have, Dumas Beach at Surat. The beach is very beautiful and the amazing view of the beach attracts visitors from different corners of the world! But at the same time, the spooky activities of this beach reach its zenith. On the lonely nights, while roaming on the beach, you can hear whispers around you, people talking and warning you not to go far. It is said that there is a point on the beach that is considered to be the border line between good and evil. By chance if you step out of the line, you may hear some spirits asking you to step back!

Dow Hill boarding school Kurseong Darjeeling haunted

In the forth position we have Dow Hill situated at Kurseong, Darjeeling. It is said that the Dow Hill Boarding school for girls is one of the spookiest places of India. Several guards heard footsteps in the eerie hours of night. Local woodcutters have seen a headless boy roaming around the place. They have seen the boy somewhere around and in no time the spirit vanished! This place is considered to be one of the most haunted places of West Bengal. The paranormal activities that take place here are several in numbers!

Fernhill Hotel haunted ooty

Fernhill Hotel Ooty is popular as the shooting place of the Bollywood movie ‘Raaz’. As per some eyewitnesses several paranormal activities can be seen at this place. According to actress Bipasha Basu, during the shooting days lots of such spooky activities can be seen there. When the crew of choreographer Saroj ji arrived there, they were very tired. In the midnight they kept awake by the sound of rearrangement of furniture in the room above. When they asked the receptionist about it, the receptionist took them outside and showed them that the hotel did not have any floor above!

Delhi cantonment area haunted

In the sixth position we present you Delhi cantonment area. In several cases, the drivers riding at this place at late hours find a woman standing at the side of the road and asking for a lift. Once you speed up your car to cross the place soon, you will find the woman clad in white saree running along your car. In several cases, the woman even overtakes your car! The place is beautiful during the day but at the eerie hours of night it becomes one of the most haunted places of the country!

Savoy Hotel Mussoorie haunted

At the second last place we offer a hotel that is popular in English novel as well! Savoy Hotel Mussoorie is considered to be one of the most haunted places of the country due to Lady Garnet Orme who was found dead under some mysterious circumstances and since then she can be seen or felt at several parts of the Hotel. People say that ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ a popular novel by Agatha Christie was written on the basis of this place and the spooky affairs taking place here. The attendants sometimes see the lady in white roaming around the hotel.

Vrindavan Society haunted thane

At the very last place we will present a housing society that claims to be a popular destination for the wealthy people but has a great share of paranormal activities at late hours. The Vrindavan Society at Thane is one of the most popular housing destinations for  wealthy people but during late nights the guards and the residents can hear disturbing sounds. It is said that a resident committed suicide at this place and since then lots of paranormal activities can be felt. That is the reason that the residents try not to step out their houses during late nights.

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