Dream Big Review – Best Book on Mutual Fund Investing in India

‘Dream Big’, a book on smart investment choices, has released at the right time, especially when India witnesses a huge leap of faith in terms of influx of investor accounts in mutual funds. According to joint study of industry body AMFI along with CRISIL, five years ago (2012), there was just Rs. 3.2 lakh crore invested in mutual funds; the figure has risen to a whopping Rs. 8.7 lakh crore in March 2017.

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With a rise in investor faith and lots of advertising push given to mutual funds, the one thing that is needed was the right kind of information for investors to make an informed choice – ‘Dream Big’ succeeds in taking the ‘bull’ by the horns, so to say. In a lucid, easy-to-read manner, this book manages to familiarize the reader with smart moves that can help in creating long-term wealth.


Dream Book, written by Dr. Mukesh Jindal and Arunraj VS, sets the ball rolling by talking about how a driver of modest means called Vaibhav realizes that he has all the shots to create unlimited wealth as the next person living in a high rise – all that is needed a disciplined mindset and a willingness to learn. Not willing to be dictated by circumstances, and steer life ahead by sitting on the driver’s seat, he creates a new future for himself by taking the right financial decisions – these decisions are laid out in the form of various chapters that abound with key financial concepts and investing strategies.


Dream Big is divided into various sections – the initial parts focus on investment awareness, covering topics like the power of compounding and the future value of money.   As we move along, we read about mutual funds, and why equity mutual funds are important for wealth creation and debt funds are suited for stability.  A good part of the book is devoted to help the reader separate the wheat from the chaff, letting her or him know how to stay clear of products that promise the world and deliver less or nothing, whether they pertain to mutual funds, insurance or any other investment product.


A page-turner indeed; the book lays a blueprint for customized financial planning for women, senior citizens, families who want to invest for their children and retirement planning. In a nutshell from creating investment awareness to drafting a will or legacy planning, Dream Big covers everything you need to know about wealth building and money management.  One needs to know that Indian mutual fund investment landscape is different from the US and other matured markets. So while, there are a plethora of best books on investing, what is needed is the one that is tailored for Indian audiences, something that ‘Dream Big’, does a good job at.


The hallmark of the book is that it explains many financial concepts in a lucid, jargon-free language. Dream Big goes beyond the fluff and stands out proud on the book shelf as a book with the right set of nutrients for your financial well-being. Grab your copy of Dream Big

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