Chistina Grimmie’s murderer – Photo, Name and Intent for Killing her

The Orlando Police Department has been able to identify the man who killed Christina Gimme. The man who shot the young singer while she was signing autographs post her performance, is Kevin James Loibl.  The 27 year old man hailed from St. Petersburg, Floria; he had probably stalked her all the way to Orlando.

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On the evening of June 10, 2016; The ‘Voice’ singer had just wrapped her performance with the band ‘Before You Exit’ at the Plaza Live in Orlando, when she was intercepted by Kevin James. The man pulled out his gun and fired three rounds at the singer. In the meantime, Kevin’s brother Marcus rushed to her rescue and tackled the shooter.  Loibl then trained the gun on himself and shot himself death. In the pandemonium that followed, Grimmie was taken to the Orlando Medical Center in a serious condition. She died on June 11, 2017.

Kevin James Loibl Christina Grimmie's murder photo

The intent of Christina Grimmie’s murder

The Orlando Police Department on the basis of preliminary investigation stated that Loibl  did not have any past criminal record.  The police also claims that the murderer did not know Grimmie personally.  But they have added that Lobl definitely had an intent to kill the singer as two handguns, a hunting knife and two additional magazines (firearms) full of ammunition were found on his person. He definitely seemed to be a deranged fan.

The rise of Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie was a YouTube turned mainstream celebrity on her way to stardom.  She started off by uploading her first YouTube video, at age 15. The song was a cover version of Hannah Montana’s ‘Don’t  Wanna be Torn’.  In the same year (2009), she became a hit sensation on YouTube, when she did the cover of  Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’.

christina gimmie singing photo

By 2013, Grimmie was the fourth most subscribed musician on YouTube with more than two million subscribers and 375 million views.  In fact, she was second in MyYoubeCompetion, placed behind Selena Gomez and ahead of the likes of Justin Bieber, Nicky Minaj and Rihanna.

christina grimmie video

In 2014, Grimmie participated in Season 6 of The Voice and won the third place.  Adam Levine, her coach on the reality singing show, decided to take her under his wings. He announced in the finale that no matter what the results of the show would be, he would sign Christina Grimmie with his record label ‘222 Records’.

christina grimmie phoot

Grimmie, who was close friend with Selena Gomez, hired her step-father as her manager.  The YouTube sensation had expressed her wish to write her own songs and perform them, rather than do cover versions in the near future.

christina grimmie last video on facebook

Just on the day before her death, she posted a video on Facebook where she asked her fans to come to the show at Orlando where she was going to perform with ‘Before You Exit’.

 Christina Grimmie’s brother Marcus

christina grimmie brother marcus grimmie photo marcus grimmie photo brother of christina grimmie

The Orlando Police has lauded Marcus Grimmie (Christina’s brother) for valiantly saving many people’s lives.  He had jumped in time to fend the killer off, before he could kill other people.   The police said that Christina Grimmie’s brother’s efforts saved many lives and possible injuries.

The security at the venue

security at Christina Grimmie

The Orlando Police Department pointed out that there were no metal detectors used at the venue.  There was private security but the ones manning the event were not private security officers.  The Plaza Live Theater has stated in its Facebook Page that it was cooperating with the police in its investigations. Christina Grimmie’s autopsy ruled homicide as the cause of death.


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