Bipasha Basu – Karan Singh Grover Jokes

Ever since Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover announced their marriage on April 30, 2016, the social media have begun trolling with jokes, most of them based on Bipasha Basu’s ‘horror’ movies that she has been a part of.  Here are some of them, enjoy them with a pinch of salt –

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  • Tell me those 3 magical words
    Karan: Mummy ! Bhoot hai !
    Bipasha: Thanks baby, you know me so well..

bipasha basu karan singh grover wedding


  •  Bipasha – Tell me those 3 magical words
  •  Karan – Jai Hanuman Gyangunsagar.



  • What happens to Karan Singh Grover, when wife Bipasha Basu asks him to shop for groceries?
    Answer -He becomes Karan Singh Groffers


  • Karan Singh Grover: We’ll buy a nice big house & live together.
    Bipasha Basu: Big, Small I don’t care .. Bas haunted hona chahiye


  • On the wedding night, Karan : Surprise me with your moves!
  • Bipasha : *turns into a witch*


  •  Wedding menu for Bipasha-Karan Singh Grover wedding:
    Whey Protein as welcome drink
    Protein bars
    High protein salad
    Boiled chicken
    Boiled eggs


  • Enough of Bipasha Basu Karan Singh Grover jokes

            Bhoot Ho Gaya


Bipasha Basu’s wedding gown

bipasha basu wedding gown funny

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