Arnab Goswami – Jokes and Memes

Arnab Goswami, the editor-in-chief and news anchor of Times Now needs no introduction. His program ‘News Hour’ on the channel commands top TRPs, known for his cut and dry questions and frank analysis. As much as popular, the show he is, the show also invites a lion’s share of criticism because of Arnab’s propensity to cut in and interrupt the panel member’s train of thought. Arnab is also criticized for coming into conclusions and not giving panel members a fare share of time to speak. But at the same time,  there is no discounting the fact that News Hour continues to be super popular with more voltage drama  than a typical soap opera and invite more laughs than a slapstick serial.

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Here are some of the really popular Arnab Goswami jokes and memes.

Arnab Goswami Jokes

Nation, just wait! Yesterday detective Arnab Goswami investigated #SheenaBora murder. Today Justice Goswami will deliver his Judgement

Arnab Goswami might probably be the only guy in this world to fight with his wife and wins an argument.

If you find Arnab Goswami’s pic with his mouth closed, then that camera has a very good shutter speed.

Arnab Goswami is fluent in English & weak in grammar because he does not use full stop or comma.

From the moon you can see the great wall of china and hear Arnab Goswami shouting “The nation wants to know.”

Whats the similarity between Arnab Goswami & Google?
Both interrupt you before you complete the sentence.

Arnab decided to keep silent on Feb 30th. That day would be observed as world peace day.

If Arnab & Dolly Bindra get married, their kid would be the most advanced sound system ever built on this planet.

Arnab Goswami’s maid once fainted due to low BP after Goswami questioned her absence from duty .

Arnab starts his day with 36 questions to self .

Arnab and Rajdeep Sardesai’s rivalry goes back to college days. Both fell for the same girl. While Arnab used to send her 36 questions every day to impress her, Rajdeep used to dye his hair grey hoping to win her over with a mature look.

After creating this complex world, GOD was worried, who will decide  what is right or wrong? Thus, he created ARNAB.

Arnab Goswami’s trick to make a heating debate: 1. Make a baseless allegation 2. Crack jokes 3. Then say “Why are you getting worked up?”

Arnab Goswami was born on Woman’s Day? No wonder he’s so shrill and combative

Overheard – Dude who looks exactly like Arnab Goswami is on my flight. Can’t wait for him to interrupt the pilot, and take over the plane.

If Arnab Goswami had been a boxing referee, he would have soundly thrashed both the boxers – every time.

Arnab goswami is the Nana patekar of Electronic media.

Now that Lokpal Bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha it must be sent to Arnab Goswami for approval

When Indian cricket team loses – It is just the beginning, they have to face the wrath of judge Arnab.

Why do  I love Arnab Goswami – because other news editors are having wine and cheese at this time, he is ready with questions on which India demands answers.

Overheard – I’m concerned about Arnab Goswami genuinely. The man just doesn’t sleep! All other editors must be having wine with cheese at this hour!

When Arnab was in school, the teachers would raise their hands to ask questions


Arnab Goswami Memes and Trolls (Picture Jokes)

arnab goswami joke photos

arnab goswami memes pictures

arnab goswami alia bhatt

arnab goswami baahubaliArnab Goswami trolls Baahubhali

arnab goswami joke pictures - Copy

Reaction when Arnab Goswami proves to be too intelligent for the common man

arnab goswami funny joke

arnab goswami joke pictures 2arnab goswami joke troll

arnab goswami joke

arnab goswami jokes decibels

Arnab Goswami sound level measured in decibels

arnab goswami meme troll jokes

arnab goswami jokes pictures

Arnab Goswami jokes

arnab goswami picture jokes

judge arnab goswamiDetective Arnab investigated yesterday, today Judge Arnab will pronounce the verdict.

When an Arnab panel member dies, people remember him only for his presence on the show.

arnab goswami pictures


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